Doh Run Jul 2004

The “DOH”! run was initially suggested by Tom (moose) James (and helped to be named by Rick) as a pre-Doe run. Patrice and I met up with the group at the Highway 410 cafĂ© in Buckley at about 9:30am. It was a beautiful 70+ degree morning and promising to get warmer as the day went on. Tom and Eileen had gone to Mike Robinson’s place to drop off Tom’s truck and trailer. Upon their return we made our way to Greenwater / Forest service road 70 and on up to the trail head. Continue reading “Doh Run Jul 2004”

Fathers Day Elbe Jun 2004

Fathers Day @ Elbe (#7) … Another Memorable Father’s Day at Elbe……

Well – a Father’s Day without Elbe, would be kinda like – well – a Fear Factor bimbo participant without silicone. The two just go together! I’ve lost count – this was at least the 6th Father’s Day running of Elbe – or maybe even more than that. Elbe is still a trail system that is more demanding than most – but a number of key things have changed that really alter some of the more memorable parts of Elbe. Continue reading “Fathers Day Elbe Jun 2004”

Reiter Feb 2004

Back To The Basics…..

In any repeatable endeavor involving human activity, or even more to the point, in human nature, any action tends to generate its own set of rules. As humans, right or wrong, good or bad, we tend to do the same stuff the same way all the time. Things that work out form the basic rules. Things that don’t work out are what happen when you ignore the basic rules. The Sunday club run to Reiter Trails was a good reminder of what the rules are, and what can happen when you ignore them. Continue reading “Reiter Feb 2004”

Liberty Memorial Day Weekend May 2002

Hi All
By now you all probably know that We had a bad roll over at Liberty on Sunday. As always roll overs are not a good thing . Tom James was being watched over on our Sunday run on the 332 trail . Those that have been there know that there is one mean ass hill on it. So here is the way it went down. I was leading the run. We had in order: Me (Dan Ostler) Tom James and his copilot Colin .I don’t know his last name. Colin is the son of a good friend of Toms. Todd Daman, Scott Hanline and Rock Bybee.

Continue reading “Liberty Memorial Day Weekend May 2002”