Hefty Haul Out April 2017

Having left my rig pulled off up on the gravel – I’m standing calf-deep in brambles and thorns off the steep downside of the main road –

First note to self – “Bring leather gloves down with you instead of leaving them in the rig.”

Second note to self while barely able to move feet tangled and twisted up in brambles – “A pair of pruning shears or a machete would be really handy right now.”  (I now remember that from my last time in this position….)

Third note to self – “I need to remember to bring some of the younger buckaroos and buckaristas along with me and show THEM the lower side of the road where trash should be getting pulled out!”

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Walker Oct 2016

Today, was not so usual for us.  Our normally prepared events, were interrupted by another matter on Friday, so Saturday morning at O’Dark Thirty, we discover neither rig had gas, and the  Zuk had no spare tire or winch attached.  OK, we will need to leave a bit earlier than planned to get gas….then, we discovered that both the trail rigs Disco passes had expired!  Well, we certainly can’t go out without those, so I jumped online to purchase online, and have our confirmation #’s on hand, if asked.  At the disco pass website, I find a message saying “I’m sorry, we are not able to offer Disco pass purchases online right now, please check back at a later time”.  Well, this won’t do as we need to be out of the house in a few minutes to get gas, and still get to WV before our 10am meet up time.  So, out of the house we run, so we can gas up, then stop and get disco passes.  At the gas station, we find that Gary has forgotten his wallet at home.  Hoping this is not how the rest of our day will go, I run for Disco passes, while Gary runs for his wallet, and we meet back up at the Ace Hardware parking lot, to blow the Pop Cycle Stand! Continue reading “Walker Oct 2016”

Walker Valley EnE Sep 2016

The Tamers put together an E&E day at Walker Valley, for Saturday the 3rd of September. Members, Chris and Ashley Brown initiated this event, and the rest of the Tamers showed up to help.  We were un-sure if this being a holiday weekend, would be a good day or not, but as it turned out, it was an Excellent day for E&E!  We were even asked if we would be back for the rest of the weekend. Continue reading “Walker Valley EnE Sep 2016”

Walker Valley Work Party Apr 2008

Last year the Tamers committed to the DNR that they would commit to volunteering 200 hours towards the Walker Valley ORV area. The commitment helped to secure two grants providing funds for the improvement of the Walker Valley ORV area. This work party was the first opportunity for the Tamers to make good on the promise and we put a dent in the commitment. Continue reading “Walker Valley Work Party Apr 2008”