We are celebrating 40 years in 2019!

The Timber Tamers are a large general 4wd club based out of Western Washington. We were organized in April of 1979, and are based out of the Lynnwood, Washington area. Our membership is diverse, from young to old, men and women, driving many different types of 4wd vehicles.

We are affiliated with the Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association and promote TREAD Lightly! principles. The PNW4WDA organizes trail runs, trail maintenance in conjunction with DNR, races, play days, fun days, clean-ups, charitable works, legislative issues, etc., in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

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Did you know that the Tamers are a non-profit organization? Because of this the Tamers are eligible to participate in the Amazon Smile program. If you make a purchase on Amazon and specify the Tamers as a non-profit that you would like to donate to, then Amazon will donate a small portion of the proceeds from the purchase to the Tamers. If you are interested in helping to support the Tamers please click on the following link to donate via Amazon Smile.

Latest Posts

Green Mountain Jan 2020

It was Thursday night Gary and I both were hoping to get in another epic day in the snow. I could pretty much guarantee that one of us was going to lead this run so I asked Gary am I leading this, or are you? I said I would, but I just did not want to get lost. I asked where and when should we meet. Gary said Lake stevens Safeway? Sure I said 9:00. Gary said 10:00. How is 9:30. It turns out that 9:30 would be a very good time but more on that later. Saturday I was up at 5:00 or so to load the jeep.

Tonga Ridge Jan 2020

With the weather report for the mountains calling for 1 to 4 feet of snow, I had to get a few people together to do a quick snow run. We met at the trestle at about 10:30 am. We were suppose to be there at 10:15 am but traffic was a little bit slow and then on the main road into to trestle there was a downed power line. Travis and I got there a bit late to find Joe in his white TJ and Steve still unloading his Samurai from the trailer. We got aired down quickly and got moving up the trail. We ran

Hangover Run Jan 2020

We did not know what to expect. The forecast was for warmer weather with the possibility of freezing rain. Please no freezing rain! We met up at the IGA in Darrington. As time passed more and more rigs showed up. When all was said and done we had 21. We had a short drivers meeting then the first group headed out. It was an interesting group with some very built Super Sammi’s, and a few others plus a full blown unicorn. That is right a CJ7. Anyone who wheels a CJ these days is a stud in my book.