Christmas Party Dec 2005

Thanks to all who were able to come to the club Christmas Party.¬† The hall was nicely decorated, we had a sizeable crowd, lots of good food, Santa showed up, we had some Tamer style entertainment, Tamer family of the year award (I blush to mention the lovely Mrs. Moose and I were given this award – my humble thanks to all of you for the acknowledgement) and the gift exchange.¬† The tree was a 12 footer brought back from the tree run from the first weekend of the month.¬† As usually is the case of trees left to grow all by themselves in the woods, it was of the minimalist style – not many branches – but with imagination, lights, ornaments, and ribbon, it became quite the lovely tree in the best Charlie Brown tradition.¬† Also of note, was the Tamer picture gallery – capturing the human side of the Tamers in 2005.¬† Very nice.¬† Thanks for all who worked very hard to make this a success – and if you couldn’t be there in person – someone from the club was remembering you in spirit. Thanks for a good 2005.