Gold Creek Sanity Run May 2020

With everyone stuck at home for so long we needed to get out of the house. We did not want to go to an ORV park fearing that they would be packed. So we thought we would make a run over to see (support) Jake at Gold Creek Station.

For those who don’t know Jake is one of those guys who is always looking to help others. Not that long ago they had a fire that did damage to their restaurant and of course with Covid I am sure they are not getting as much business as they once did. Even with all of this Jake has been reaching out to his local community offering support to people who may need it. That is Jake. So you put to and to together you get a milk run on the highway trip. 8 people responded to my post and two changed their plans. So we have the Brady’s in George (the grey Jeep), Joe in his TJ, Cindy and Mel in Muddy girl, Shawn with his friend Traci, Josh and Laurina Lloyd, who are old friends and back again as candidates and finally there was (insert throat clearing here) Jon in a RV.

We met up at the NorthBend Safeway. We all maintained a safe distance and we had a short drivers meeting while keeping clear of each other. I asked Jon to run sweep so if anyone saw us they would figure that it was just a RV following a group of Jeeps and not part of the group. We do after all have to maintain a reputation. At least that is what I told Jon. Don’t tell him it was really just the easiest rig to spot in my mirror which makes running the lead a little easier and we really don’t want him to know that his RV is pretty damn cool.

As we started up the pass Jon called out that the TJs were slowing a little. I called back no problem Jon they would catch up on the other side. Not sure about other JKs but ours would rather climb at 65 instead of at a slower speed. What I do is break the summit and slow to about 5 to 10 miles per hour. Evetime I have done this the TJs get back in line right about at the Hyak exit. Then we go back to 65MHP which is also known as international max TJ speed.

About half way down the lake a somewhat embarrassed sounding Shawn called on the radio. Ummm can we stop at Cle Elum to get Gas and something to drink. The rest of us were still on Âľ of a tank but not wanting have to tow Shawn on the highway we stopped to fuel. After that we stopped again at Ellensburg before heading up canyon road. This was Joes recommendation and what a good one. The views did not disappoint.

We took a right onto 410 and up to Gold Creek Station for lunch. We all ordered take out and setup Chairs in the parking lot. Jake offered us use of the cabin on the East side of his lot but we were fine just setting up right next to the rigs. After finishing our tasty food we headed toward white pass a longer but nicer way back home. Again the views did not disappoint. I can’t remember ever going over White Pass and I think it was my first time. I have to say what a nice state we are living in for excellent views.

To be honest this was not our normal type of run but then again these are not normal times. I guess we could call it a sanity run.

Take care, stay safe and god bless.

Curtis Brady
SN# 69196
Washington state sanity planner