We are celebrating 39 years in 2018!

The Timber Tamers are a large general 4wd club based out of Western Washington. We were organized in April of 1979, and are based out of the Lynnwood, Washington area. Our membership is diverse, from young to old, men and women, driving many different types of 4wd vehicles.

We are affiliated with the Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association and promote TREAD Lightly! principles. The PNW4WDA organizes trail runs, trail maintenance in conjunction with DNR, races, play days, fun days, clean-ups, charitable works, legislative issues, etc., in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Amazon Smile

Did you know that the Tamers are a non-profit organization? Because of this the Tamers are eligible to participate in the Amazon Smile program. If you make a purchase on Amazon and specify the Tamers as a non-profit that you would like to donate to, then Amazon will donate a small portion of the proceeds from the purchase to the Tamers. If you are interested in helping to support the Tamers please click on the following link to donate via Amazon Smile.

Latest Posts

Snow Run Jan 2018

January Timber Tamer Run The plan was to go to Denny Creek and run that road up to the top or as deep in the snow as we could get..It didn’t quite turn out that way.. So read on… I woke before the alarm went off and thought I would just lay there till it went off. Sure enough I dozed and then the nasty sound of an alarm making me swing my arm aimlessly toward that god awful sound. I got up and got moving trying to be quiet as Casey decided to stay home and watch our old dog I succeeded in getting

Hangover Run Jan 2018

The alarm clock going off, with birds singing and the sounds of the babbling brook near our house and the sun peeking out…. Oh wait That was the dream I was having…. It was more like the alarm BLARING, still dark out and everything totally frozen including the babbling brook. Hell it wasn’t even light out yet and the moon was still Bright n full. In any case when we get up to an alarm clock in my house it is almost always because we are doing something fun that day. Today was going to be no

Hand In Hand Dec 2017

It was a slightly different run than usual – although there were 2 trail rigs in the parking lot – Chris and Ashley’s Xterra and Shawn’s (hope I got you right) Christmas-lit-sparkly TJ in all of its illuminated glory. As a thanks and a howdy-doo to the club for our contribution to the Hand-In-Hand charity – the folks at HIH had invited Tamers to join them for a holiday dinner. That is – to be served dinner – and not to be put to work – was the original thought. Mary and I got there