Rim Rock Trail
Rim Rock – Labor Day 2012

Here you will find information about some of the areas that the Tamers frequent when they go out exploring. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we do intend to add to the list. You are also going to find information and guidance about going on a run.

Beckler River Road and Jacks Pass
Elbe Hills ORV
Evans Creek ORV
Moses Lake Sand Dunes
Naches Trail
Reiter Trails ORV
Riders Camp
Rim Rock
Tahuya ORV
Taneum Creek
Reiter Trails ORV
Tonga Ridge
Walker Valley ORV

Trail Difficulty

It is pretty hard to rate a trail because what is difficult for one person might be easy for another. That same person that rates a trail as hard today might come back a year later and rate the same trail easy. Weather and the time of the year have a lot to do with how difficult a trail is also. In the interest of trying to provide some idea as to the difficulty of trails and take into account weather, season, and experience the Tamers have come up with the following stack rank of areas they frequent. As always though you should ask questions if you are not sure.


Trail Etiquette – Be Prepared


When out on the trail system, it is very easy to lose people. Thus it is very important (especially if anyone is not familiar with the trail) that participants follow the convoy rules.

The most important – make sure the rig behind you makes the correct turn at intersections. This may involve waiting for a while.

  • Make sure the rig behind you is ok, does not get lost or left behind.
  • If you don’t see the rig behind you for 3-4 min. – STOP! Its not fun being left behind.
  • This all applies going up and also coming back down!

Trail Boss

What are others expecting of you as a Trail Boss?

  • Know the trail system you plan to run – its difficulty and vehicle requirements.
  • Be able to advise people on what type of run this will be.
  • Be prepared and on time.
  • Have a drivers meeting before the run to inform all involved of the general plan.
  • Prepare to break the group up if it gets too big and delegate other leaders.
  • Arrange the group in a sensible order (intermix winch rigs).
  • Provide guidance and common sense for safety; make people aware of potential problems.
  • Remain with your group until everyone gets back.

Joining a Run

If you hear about a run, either directly or through the grapevine. Common courtesy generally says:

Contact the Trail Boss. If you have any doubts, tell them what you drive and ask their opinion. Be prepared to wait for the next run if it sounds inappropriate for you. Listen to those with more experience and read between the lines. Generally you will not be told ‘No’ flat out – but there will be hints. Listen for them.