Naches Trail

General Information

The Naches Trail is the Historical Trail that wagon trains took when heading for the Puget Sound. Today it is a 4WD trail that we can run from July to November.


Usually the Tamers will meet in the Safeway parking lot in Enumclaw and stage for the run over the trail. Safeway Directions

Once the group heads out they make a run for FS RD 70 where at the beginning of the road there is a wide spot to leave tow rigs and trailers if your plans involve running back from the end of the trail on the highway.
FS 70 Parking Near Highway

Further up FS RD 70 there is another area where Tow Rigs and Trailers can be left. This is a good spot to park them if you are going to run the trail over and back or if you are going to come back via Pyramid Pass.
FS 70 Parking Near Trail

From the second staging area you continue up FS 70 and take a left on FS 7065 where not too much further on you will find the beginning of the trail.
Start of the Naches 4WD Trail