We are celebrating 43 years in 2022!

The Timber Tamers are a large general 4wd club based out of Western Washington. We were organized in April of 1979, and are based out of the Lynnwood, Washington area. Our membership is diverse, from young to old, men and women, driving many different types of 4wd vehicles.

We are affiliated with the Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association and promote TREAD Lightly! principles. The PNW4WDA organizes trail runs, trail maintenance in conjunction with DNR, races, play days, fun days, clean-ups, charitable works, legislative issues, etc., in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Amazon Smile

Did you know that the Tamers are a non-profit organization? Because of this the Tamers are eligible to participate in the Amazon Smile program. If you make a purchase on Amazon and specify the Tamers as a non-profit that you would like to donate to, then Amazon will donate a small portion of the proceeds from the purchase to the Tamers. If you are interested in helping to support the Tamers please click on the following link to donate via Amazon Smile.

Reiter Rock Crawl 2022 Edition

Circumstances of the last couple years have prevented this event from being held, but I am happy to say that the organizers and the participants have not given up. Planning for RRC 2022 has already began and some entry forms have already been received. For more information about the event please use this LINK.

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WYBDR scratch that WABDR June 2022

Sometimes plans get changed or canceled. Most of the time we try to work around things. Two years ago we had to cancel our trip to Colorado. A trip that Moose and I have been talking about for at least 8 years. Last year many of our plans changed do to fires. This year there was not one reason but many that caused us to cancel going to Wyoming and instead stay in Washington state. For those who may not know South Montana and Parts of Northern Wyoming saw over 10 inches of rain. This caused major

Walker Valley Jun 2022

It was a wet morning for the 6 of us. Me, Doc, Dean, Joe, and Mihai. Chris Steimel would meet up later. After the air down session, E&E paperwork, and a brief drivers meetings away we went. Straight towards Timber Tamers trail. Considering I just replaced balljoints on the XJ i chose not to try the big rock at the beginning. Doc gave it a shot and with a bit of spotting over he went. Good job Doc! Leading thru the rocky area i fought a bit . As always the terrain had changed. Rocks were kinda