Competition Begins on July 16th, 2022 9AM at the Reiter Foothills ORV Park. The Timber Tamers in conjunction with the Rainier Ridge Rams, Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association, and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources are working to bring you the annual Reiter Rock Crawl. This year there will be three separate classes and the class your rig falls into will be determined by tire size and number of steering axles. You can enter now by downloading the Registration Form here and following the instructions on the form.

Guarantee your spot for competition in this event by submitting completed forms no later than July 9th and be advised that there will be no refunds after July 4th 2022. If there are still open spots on the day of the event they will be filled on a first come first serve bases.




If you are planning to just be a spectator for this event there are a couple things that you need to know. First is that there is No Alcohol allowed at this event. Second is that while Pets are allowed at the event, they are not allowed on the courses. Third you need to have a Discover Pass for your vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Reiter Rock Crawl begin?
When Reiter ORV was new there was a need to get the word out about the area being available for recreation. People that participated and volunteered at the WE Rock events came up with the idea to have a similar style event in order to promote the area and raise funds to assist with maintenance and operations requirements.

Who hosts Reiter Rock Crawl?
The primary host for RRC is the Timber Tamers but significant support is also provided by other members of the Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association including the Rainier Ridge Rams. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources also provides significant collaboration and cooperation to make this event possible.

What does it take to make this event happen?
While there is some work that begins immediately after the last event ends, the majority of the work begins 7 months before the day of the event with the planning and application for permits as well as purchase of the insurance required to make the event possible. Also beginning at this time is the training of judges who will begin study of the rule book and then participate in knowledge tests to assess their knowledge.

Who pays for the event?
The first event was funded by the Timber Tamers who purchased the insurance, paid for the permits, and all of the supplies that were required for the courses to function. Fast forward a couple years and the event has become largely self sustaining in terms of funds because a portion of the proceeds from the prior years event are saved to make the next years event possible.

What are the figures for the event?
Here are a few of the counts and amounts associated with what it takes to make this event happen.
Total Volunteers – 55
Volunteered hours prior to the event – 315 hours
Volunteered hours on day of event – 770 hours

How does the event benefit Reiter ORV?
Besides helping to promote Reiter ORV for off road recreation, all of the proceeds from RRC (minus the funds set aside to kick off the next years event) are put into a account which is dedicated to the maintenance, operation, and improvement of the Reiter ORV area. Said in another way, The Timber Tamers do not keep any of the proceeds from the event, the proceeds go to Reiter ORV. This includes all of the proceeds from t-shirt sales, event entry fees, and donations.

What can you do to help the Reiter ORV area?
Reiter ORV is the result of a core group of enthusiasts working with the DNR in order to create an area where recreation is possible while at the same time managing the public land. This work continues today in the form of maintenance, operations, and improvements. The number one need in order to keep this work going is volunteers to perform tasks identified for maintenance, operations, and improvements. So if you want to help keep this area open and available please volunteer at the regularly scheduled monthly work parties hosted by the DNR. For details please click this LINK.