Doe Run on the Naches Trail Jul 2010

Doe Run 2010 – An Historical Journey
So – was that historical, or hysterical? Well – there was some hysteria reported – but first – a little history lesson. What is so incredibly cool about heading up over the Naches Trail for the Doe Run – is that in some ways, we commemorate some people who apparently were made of much stronger stuff than even we are. It was 1853 – even before the Civil War – that settlers were pushing their way out east to west – to find a place to call home. Continue reading “Doe Run on the Naches Trail Jul 2010”

Elbe Work Party Apr 2010

Dateline – ELBE
The Most recent Elbe Work Party – by the numbers.
Thousands – of rocks used to fill problem trail areas
13 – Timber Tamers in attendance
6 (or so) – different areas that received our attention
3 – flat trailer tires thanks to the very sharp rocks on the 92 road that penetrated them
2 – loaders loading 2 trucks so we didn’t have to haul rock by hand
1 – really swell day in the woods with the Tamers. Continue reading “Elbe Work Party Apr 2010”

Hangover Run Jan 2010

Ah – not only a New Year, but also a reminder of the passage of years. The Hangover Run in years previous used to be attributed to imprudence of how much and what types of alcohol had been imbibed the previous night. Now – for at least some of us who’ve been around the club for more than a few years – hangover is more a measure of how much and the types of food we’ve partaken over the holidays. When we say it’s hard to get into our rigs – it is literally hard to get up into our rigs. Continue reading “Hangover Run Jan 2010”