Moses Lake Sand Dunes – Grant County ORV

General Information

The Moses Lake Sand Dunes are just south of Moses Lake and are a wide open area open to ORV vehicles for exploration. One thing that you need to be aware of is that all vehicles which are roaming the area need to have a red or orange flag that is attached to the vehicle and is at least 9 feet from the ground. You can get one at the Walmart in Moses Lake if you do not have one.

The best way to make it into the area where the Tamers camp is to come in from the east side of the ORV area. The way is paved most of the way but you do have to watch your speed very closely as the local law enforcement is very serious about safe neighborhoods for kids. Please see the directions below for more details. It is also a good idea to check the website for the area before you go incase there are restrictions. Moses Lake Sand Dunes ORV


  • Get on I-90 and head towards the center of Washington state.
  • Take Exit 179 and head North on SR17 for about a quarter mile then take a left onto East Yonezawa Blvd.
  • Drive west straight through the first two roundabouts and then at the third one head south on South Division St.
  • South Division St will turn in to Potato Hill Rd NE as you cross over I-90. Keep heading south.
  • After a couple of miles Potato Hill Rd NE will turn into Sand Dunes Rd right where the road turns to gravel. At this point you want to start looking for the Tamers as you are less than a mile from the usual spot and sometimes we have to pick and alternate spot.
  • Shout out on Channel 4 if you are having trouble spotting people
  • Coordinates for the start\end of Sand Dunes Rd are 47.070551, -119.280230
  • Google Map