Tonga Ridge Xmas Tree Run Dec 2019

Joe, Steve, Ken, Ryan and I all decided that we would meet up for breakfast at 7:30 AM in Monroe at the Buzz Inn. After breakfast we headed out to the trail to meet up with anyone else that planned to go. We got to the trestle around 9:10 or so and aired down. We waited until precisely 9:28 and everyone was asking what we were going to do and I said that since I was the leader that we shall go! We did a quick driver meeting and headed up the hill. It was just us 4 rigs at that time.

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Christmas Tree Run Dec 2015

Some of us started the day at 6:45 am (yikes) at Everett Mall, to give NW Harvest our collected donation, and some food items.  Although it was very early for some of us, there were 8 rigs there, well, 7 and an anonymous FJ that didn’t want to go through the Parade, as he is really a Jeep owner…and didn’t want to be seen driving a Yoter. Continue reading “Christmas Tree Run Dec 2015”