Denny Creek Feb 2016

Trail Report – Denny Creek 2016
The Back Story (Prequel) Casey’s Fishin’ Trip

So – at the Thursday night meeting – when it came time to announce this month’s run – Casey went on a little fishing trip.

“Okay – who wants to be the run leader?”

The previously noisy room went silent. I could almost hear the crickets chirping in the back. (Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?)

I knew she was fishing for me – the Bull Muskie Moose – to hop up and snap on the line. Hey – this Moose wasn’t born (or entered the club) just yesterday. She was going to have to spend a little more time compelling me to raise my hand. Continue reading “Denny Creek Feb 2016”

Denny Creek Jan 2008

The world offers opportunities for a new experience every day. Like – I’m going wheeling at Denny Creek. (Well – that isn’t so new.)

Okay – I’m towing Moosenstein to Denny Creek. (Been there, done that. Many times.)

Okay – how ‘bout – I’m towing Moosenstein to Denny Creek behind Ol’ Blew – the 37 year old Montana style Ford pickup truck with the non-power drum all-around brakes, bicycle skinny tires and the Armstrong steering. (Oh – okay. THIS oughta be interesting.) Continue reading “Denny Creek Jan 2008”