Manastash July 2019

What better way to celebrate the birth of a nation than by practicing that freedom in the forest of the PNW. So it was that Cassidy, Melissa, and I planned to go camping at Riders Camp and perhaps do a little exploring of Manastash in the Jeep. The invitation to join us for all or any part of the planned 5 day excursion was sent to some friends and the Tamers which resulted in a few taking us up on the offer. So it was that early in the morning on 7/3 Melissa, Cassidy, and I left the house heading out to Riders camp in order to hopefully secure a good camp site big enough for everyone that said they were going to join us.

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Manastash July 2017

Family and I did not get to leave the house until about 5pm because of other commitments and I was really dreading traffic but as it turned out the drive over only took about 15 minutes more than usual since traffic was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. We got to the campsite about 8pm to find that Gary and Casey were already there as was Jon as well as John and Mariscal. Continue reading “Manastash July 2017”

Manastash July 2016

It has been a while since the Tamers were at Manastash. For one reason or another it just never seemed to happen because of weather too hot, wild fire, or just timing. There always seemed to be something preventing the club from going back to Manastash. Well this year that was not the case. The Tamers decided that the weekend just before the 4th would be the weekend that the Tamers go back to the Manastash. Continue reading “Manastash July 2016”

TTCW Recovery Sep 2009

On the way back from the Day Course there was a little issue. In the hast to get back for the night time portion of the event and following very close to the person in front so as to avoid the dust, one of the competitors drove off the road and rolled just a little bit. Everyone pitched in and got them back on the road in record time so that they could finish the event.

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