TTCW Recovery Sep 2009

On the way back from the Day Course there was a little issue. In the hast to get back for the night time portion of the event and following very close to the person in front so as to avoid the dust, one of the competitors drove off the road and rolled just a little bit. Everyone pitched in and got them back on the road in record time so that they could finish the event.

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TTCW at Manashtash Sep 2009

For the third year in a row the Timber Tamers have hosted the Team Trophy Challenge Washington event. The event is a off road endurance challange in which participants navigate a course and perform various off road related tasks at check points on the course. This event is not a race but rather and endurance challange in which if you are one of the lucky few that complete the course and tasks, you will find your self in the minority of the competitors when all is said and done. Continue reading “TTCW at Manashtash Sep 2009”

Team Trophy Challenge Washington Oct 2008

Team Trophy Challenge Washington (TTCW) is based on a similar event held in Oregon and in which several of the club members has previously participated. This event challenges participants to navigate a course using a tulip map and then along the way perform several tasks. In another stage of the competition the participants are challenged to navigate a course and find markers in specific locations which are hidden. It is a tough competition but everyone has a lot of fun participating and the Tamers have a lot of fun volunteering to help put the event on.

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