Tanuem Creek

General Information

Tanuem Creek is not a wheeling destination but is rather a camping spot that the Tamers use when they are intending to go wheeling in the Manashtash area. This camping spot is dry camping only (no drinking water) and bathrooms are a couple of miles away at the FS Icicle Campground. The camping area also happens to be managed by the DNR so a Discovery Pass is needed for this area.


The nice thing about Tanuem creek is that you get to drive a paved road from I90 all the way to the camping area. You do need to watch out for the potholes and on coming traffic as it is a 1.5 lane road at best.

Click below to get a Google map with the Tanuem camping area marked as the destination. You can put in your starting location and get directions .

If you do not need fuel then you can take Exit 93 and head back over I90 to Thorp Prairie Road.  From there you can go East until you get to Tanuem Rd then turn south towards the camp area.

If you do need fuel then get off on Exit 101. After you fill up I suggest heading back across I90 on Thorp Hwy S. Just on the other side you will want to turn West on Thorp Cemetery Rd which will intersect with Tanuem Rd which you can drive on to the camp area.

Click here for the Google map and the campground marked as the destination. Tanuem Camp