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Tillamook National Forest has a number of different trails that can be can be fun for people of all experience levels but it is best to have some experience before exploring this area. It is a little further away for most of the Tamers so we tend to go here when there is a long weekend and will dry camp at either Browns Camp, Diamond Mill, or Jones Creek. Each locations have a fee for camping but in return there are vault toilets and garbage service. Oregon also requires that you purchase a $10 ORV sticker in order to access the ORV areas. The sticker is good for two years and so it is really a great deal and the proceeds go to support the ORV areas.


When the Tamers go to Tillamook there are usually a couple of different routes that people take. Some people try to avoid Portland and others do not. Given the difference of opinions on which route is best only the destination information is going to be provided and the route that you want to take is going to be left for you to decide.

I have found a great last stop for fuel on the way just of exit 57 on Hwy 26. There is a Shell station with a very large parking lot that it easy to turn trailers around in and they have diesel.

One thing you will need to make sure that you have before hitting the trails is an Oregon OHV permit. You can purchase them online from the following website. Oregon OHV Permit Purchase

If you forget to obtain one before hand then the place to purchase a permit on the way to the campgrounds (from Portland) is the following Shell station. You will need the VIN for your vehicle in order to purchase the permit.

Gales Creek Shell and Grocery
55870 NW Wilson River Hwy
Gales Creek, OR
(503) 357-9645

Gales Creek Shell on Google Maps

There are two campgrounds that the Tamers have used in the past when staying at Tillamook. Browns Camp is close to trails but can get very busy on a holiday weekend. Space in the campground is also limited and there is a nightly fee as well as fees for additional vehicles. Diamond Mill is farther away from the trail but it is a bigger campground and the fees for camping are lower. Here are some links to Google Maps that will bring up the location of the campgrounds. You can put in you starting location information and get turn by turn directions.

Brown Camp information

Browns Camp Google Map

Cedar Creek OHV

Diamond Mill Information

Diamond Mill Google Map

Jordon Creek OHV

Trail Maps

Here is a copy of the most recent map of the trails in the area. The map also lists the location of all the campgrounds including the two mentioned above. It is worth noting that 4 Wheel Drives like Jeeps are considered Class II.

Oregon Tillamook OHV Trail Information

Tillamook State Forest Blog