4WP Show N Shine Oct 2017

As so many of you know, I am just not a morning person….so, getting my behind out of bed at 7am, to be at 4 Wheel Parts by 9am, is not pleasant, but I said I would, so I did. Unfortunately, Gary was extremely ill, so he stayed home to sleep….hhhmmm, sleep on a weekend…. Novel idea!

As I drove south on I-5, and nearing the 164th street exit, is see a large plume of black smoke rising into the sky from the approximate area….my mind is thinking, wow, I hope 4WP isn’t on fire! Thankfully, that wasn’t the case!

I arrived there at 8:54am! Woo Hoo, I am actually there BEFORE the doors open! To my great relief, I saw that Shawn Nelson, was also there, thankfully! We went to work putting up the pop up, a table, a couple chairs, the TT Banner and flags, and pulling out literature and give away’s.

The morning started off a bit slow, so Shawn and I talked to almost every 4WP Customer who came in to the parking lot. We drug out a measure tape, and downloaded an app to do the RTI Ramp Calculations, and put Shawn Teal Jeep on it….which started a long string of other rigs, running up the ramp, before going inside to 4WP. This way, when those customer went into the store, they already had a shopping list of needs, armed with some new knowledge of their RTI score, and how much room they may have to larger tires, to maybe a lift kit first!

Around 11 or noon, things began to pick up, and Tamer members came by to help, support, talk, or make purchases of their own. 4 WP Customers also become numerous, and many stopped in at our Pop Up, to ask questions about the TT, the DNR, area OHV parks and maps, and other pertinent questions, and pick up some fliers and info on 4 wheeling. I think I must have talked with more than a dozen people who are interested in off-roading. Quite a few customers had seen the TT and 4WP at the NW Offroad Expo as well, so we discussed that too!

As the day wore down, and customers came back to pick up their vehicles, I spoke with a few more people! We hope to see a few new faces at our up-coming meetings, and on the trails. It was a good day, and we enjoyed talking with people!

Looking forward to the next event!
TT #256