Doe Run on the Naches Trail Jul 2010

Doe Run 2010 – An Historical Journey
So – was that historical, or hysterical? Well – there was some hysteria reported – but first – a little history lesson. What is so incredibly cool about heading up over the Naches Trail for the Doe Run – is that in some ways, we commemorate some people who apparently were made of much stronger stuff than even we are. It was 1853 – even before the Civil War – that settlers were pushing their way out east to west – to find a place to call home. Continue reading “Doe Run on the Naches Trail Jul 2010”

Elbe Work Party Apr 2010

Dateline – ELBE
The Most recent Elbe Work Party – by the numbers.
Thousands – of rocks used to fill problem trail areas
13 – Timber Tamers in attendance
6 (or so) – different areas that received our attention
3 – flat trailer tires thanks to the very sharp rocks on the 92 road that penetrated them
2 – loaders loading 2 trucks so we didn’t have to haul rock by hand
1 – really swell day in the woods with the Tamers. Continue reading “Elbe Work Party Apr 2010”