10th Annual Fathers Day Run To Elbe Jun 2007

All and all I would have to say that it was a fun day (maniacal laugh here) and I would not have missed it for just about anything. I was able to make it to Elbe a little after 9 Saturday to find that a few of the Tamers had spent the night but by the time that we headed out for the trail a couple more Tamers and candidates were present. Continue reading “10th Annual Fathers Day Run To Elbe Jun 2007”

Fun Day at Reiter Trails with the North West Wheelers Jun 2007

The day started early with me waking up to fix my Jeep. I had suffered massive failure of my rear upper control arm mounts on the frame. Thus ensuing an all night work session at Tommybilt Fab getting the mounts replaced (Thanks Tom!!!!). Anywho, I arrived in the parking area at about 10am. Cody was there with some brake issues on his TLC. We bled the brakes and got him a little pedal. But it still wasn’t up to snuff. Continue reading “Fun Day at Reiter Trails with the North West Wheelers Jun 2007”

The Timber Tamers Tackle Tahuya Mar 2007

Despite the heavy rains, a small showing of Tamers met up at the QFC parking lot in Belfair right on tamer time. The lovely wife and I in our red TJ, Scott Hanline and his family with their YJ, also Scott’s friends Lloyd, and Jessie with their ranger pickup. GaryTJ and guest Frank with the, GASP, Red TJ met us at the parking area at the trail, (actually they got there first) and we aired down and headed off to the trail. John, and a group from the Quadrapaws took the lead and we slowly followed them through the trails. Continue reading “The Timber Tamers Tackle Tahuya Mar 2007”

Elbe Rescue Feb 2007

The longest rescue mission in the history of me.
(A lesson Learned)

On Monday, the 19th of February, I woke up and checked the mass of online forums as I usually do. Being presidents day, I had the day off and was looking forward to relaxing as I had been wheeling at Reiter Trails the previous 3 days. Well, I checked the good old Northwest Wheelers board and saw that some folks needed a rescue out at the Elbe Hills ORV area on the Busy Wild of all trails. Continue reading “Elbe Rescue Feb 2007”