Christmas Party Dec 2008

We had a very good sized group of Timber Tamers show up at the annual Christmas party. As a nice seasonal touch – it started snowing just before the party started and kept up all evening. Part way through the festivities, it was announced that it was snowing like crazy. When the question was called in anyone was concerned – the response was a resounding, “NO!”

The tree was lovely this year (thank you Tom Baker for getting such a nice one.) Tables were full of seasonal yummies, the hall nicely decorated with lights – and the usual picture gallery (thanks Ilene) of Tamers at work, play, and general mischief. (Heavy on the mischief…….)

This year, Moose’s silly songs were even recorded in writing so everyone could sing along. And – as a wind up to the entertainment – we all got to go on a rap-version travelogue of the Tamer’s summer vacation in Moab. If you couldn’t make it to the party (or to Moab) – you can go down memory lane too – as several copies are being saved.

Santa showed up to distribute presnts to the kids

Then “Best of Timber Tamers 2008” awards were announced and follow here:

  • The “We Are Not Savages Award” goes to Lori S and Lori Y for their innate willingness, ability and superhuman strength in bringing the best of civilization to many Tamer events
  • The “I AM Keeping The Dirty Side Down” Award goes to Mark “Dirtball”, who – even at Stupid Slow range on his new Atlas transfer case – managed to still be going fast enough to flop himself upside down in the Hot Tubs of the Hell’s Revenge trail at Moab
  • The “Swiss Army Tamer” Award goes to Tom B – whose combination of fabrication talents, knowledge of what parts can bolt up to which applications, almost magical and certainly legendary driving skills, and his ability to look both really hot AND totally at ease in a cheerleader’s skirt and sweater set – show what a balanced and well rounded individual he really is
  • The “Gee Officer – All My Sheet Metal Was There When I Went Into The Woods” Award goes to Mike J – who is well on his way in developing a winning justification for law enforcement when they suggest that his Jeep may not actually be street legal
  • The “Faithfully Yours” Award goes to Ed – for his persistent and consistent interest and support of off-roading through his yeoman work with the DNR and his many hours put in making Walker Valley a better place to wheel
  • The “Of Course I’m Organizing – This Is An Organization” Award goes to Rudi – whose orderliness both on paper AND on the trail, has proven to be of great assistance in meetings, rides, and events
  • The “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same” Award goes to Ann Typer – Who has started and continues her wheeling career with a Bitchin’ Stereo and an Attitude

Mary Solinger – the 2007 Tamer Family of the Year award winner, got to pick and present the award for 2008. The recipients are Karl and Ruth Van Petton. Mary referenced the many things Karl has done for the club, and doing so with a willing and winning personality that get stuff done in a fun and meaningful way. And of course, Ruth is quieter than Karl , but is obviously a strong support of him and the Tamers. Congrats Ruth and Karl – and thanks for all you do.

And then – the gift exchange began – and was the usualy freee-for-all before things wound up.

Thanks for all who set up. Thanks for all who cleaned up. Thanks for another good year for the Timber Tamers.

Merry Christmas to all!