Club Picnic Aug 2004

25th Anniversary Picnic … Oh yes, oh yes – in a fit of yesteryear hometown Americana – the Tamers celebrated their 25th anniversary of being a wheeling club by having a picnic trimmed out in the finest old style tradition of just getting together in the park to hang, yak, and eat. Lake Sammamish State Park was the scene of many conversations, good natured jokes, being drug around the lake behind Gary’s speedboat, too many good things to eat, horseshoes to be tossed, photos being snapped – as the Timber Tamers celebrated this milestone in their existence as a club.

If you came to the picnic expecting high stimulation and adrenaline – I think you’re going to have to hang on until the next trail run. Because this was a day that was easygoing and fairly mellow. There wasn’t even that much “wheeling talk” going on, but plenty of time to reconnect with longer term members, and getting to know some of the newer ones. About 5 or 6 notebooks of pictures were set out to peruse – and it was pretty amazing to see some of us looking much younger, with more hair, or less girth. Heck, it was a great note that I saw a historical picture of Robb Lee (looking dashing at the picnic, attired in his Cruiser T-shirt that read, “Cruiser – because everything else just sucks”) quite stunningly driving around in a baby blue CJ-5!!! Hey Robb – just like they say about hair coloring – your roots don’t lie!!!

Anyway – not much more to report – except that if you weren’t there, you missed a really nice time. Thanks for all who were able to make it, and to Mike and Staci for the planning that got this all put together.