Mountain Loop Clean-up 9/9/2023

Showed up early at the Verlot Ranger Station, right around 8AM. If you want to beat Joe, you have to be there a half hour to an hour early. LOL! Ranger Jon came over to make sure we had all we needed and to let us know that between Coal Creek and Deer Creek could use some attention due to the amount of people from the previous weekend and to thank us for the help. By 9 am we ended up having 12 people total.

After the drivers meeting, we headed out. Most of the small campsites were clean, it was the areas in between that we found the most garbage. I think the next clean-up should be done on a Sunday so we can get into the bigger campsites that were occupied on a Saturday. All in all, we ended up with about 30 bags of garbage. I was told on a couple occasions this needed to be done more by the volunteers. I’m already looking forward to working on the next one before the snow closes everything down.

We had a great time finding a few things to keep a shovel, some sockets and a new survival kit to name a few things. We also found a pallet, rotor, jack, toys and some clothing items. I would like a big thanks to Ranger Jon for the supplies and to everyone that came out.

Steve S.