Olympia Rally Mar 2005

Helloooooooo Tamers!!

Hey Just wanted to give an atta boy (and girl) to all the Tamers that were able to attend the Rally in Olympia today. I personally really enjoyed it and definitely feel like our group made an impact on our legislators today!

For those that missed it, you might just catch a few of us on the evening news. Channel 4 had a shot directly at the core of the Tamers who were there (Real quick, gotta look for it).

Anyway….great exposure for our sport! Quite a sight to see so many trucks, Jeeps, quads, Dirt Bikes, Trailers, & RVs! I’m told traffic was backed up all the way out onto the freeway!

It was a blast!

TT #210

Thank you Ilene for taking all the pictures..