Operation Shore Patrol Sep 2021


Operation Shore Patrol, (OSP), is a bit of a passion of mine, as I love the ocean. Planning this event typically starts for me in the spring, and doesn’t finish up until the week or so after the event. It begins with asking for volunteers, contacting the campground and vendors, and moves outwards from there.

Wednesday the 15th was the beginning….heading out to Thomas Family Farms to pick a butt ton of corn on the cob, then to the Andreason home to pick up “party favors”, last minute packing, attending the PNW meeting, and a bit more packing.

The drive down to Tidelands Campgrounds on Thursday was beautiful, sunny, warm and surprisingly smooth, with very little traffic. Shawn N and Puddle Buddy Justin, traveled with us, and we only had one Tamer Turn, oops! The Navigator was not paying attention. Got to camp, and got set up for the weekend. There were a few folks there, so we all got together and talked, and celebrated, and partied, and now I don’t remember…. Ok, it was quite enjoyable, I am sure of that!

Friday morning….time to set up the center of operations at the new Clam Shack! The weather was now nothing like the beautiful sunny day we had on Thursday….there was rain, and wind, and more rain, and more wind….the rain was going sideways at times, and the wind was blowing at about 30+ mph! We were able to get a huge tarp and get the one side closed up for the most part, which helped a ton. That tarp was a one-time tarp though….in the trash at the end of the weekend. All through the day, folks arrived and got settled into their camp spots, and came to the Clam Shack, to see how they could assist.

At about 7pm, we began setting up for our Friday night Team Building event. This is something I started doing several years ago, as an ice breaker, and to get a bunch of folks working and talking together, regardless of which club or non-club you are from. I will include the challenge instructions at the end of this report. 4 teams stepped up, and only 1 stepped out after hearing the challenge. At this point in time it was dark, POURING rain, and at least 30 mph winds, so it just added to the challenge. The Top Shelf Wheelers came in first place, the Tamers were 2nd and the Ridge Rams were 3rd, but all teams did an awesome job of working the challenge. After a bit more celebrating, some folks began to head to their camps to get some rest, while others headed to the beach for a night time fun run on the beach, in the rain and wind.

Saturday morning I got up early, hoping to get to the Ocean City beach access early, to make sure our dumpster was there. That is a longer story, but up until about a week prior to the event, we didn’t have a dumpster, but after finding the right person, I was assured it would be there Saturday morning. Someone missed that memo, and we had no dumpster. After contacting one of the park rangers, he was able to dig us up a 1 ton dump truck and 3 small dumpsters on a flat bed. Not what we planned, but better than picking up the trash and then depositing back on the ground in a different spot!

After a drivers meeting, under some sunshine and light clouds, folks took off to pick up trash on the beach. At about noon, folks headed back to Tidelands to scarf up a delicious lunch of Chili dogs and chips, that the Rainier Ridge Rams cooked up for everyone. Then, back to the beach to finish up as needed.

At about 3:45 or so, folks started to line up on the beach, in front of the Shilo Inn, for the big photo. Lisa Chissus had arranged for she and I, to meet there with the Mayor and a couple of the City Council members. We were able to tell them about the event, the longevity and that this happens along all of the WA state beaches. The Mayor thought he was coming out to see a group of around 10 rigs, and was quite impressed, to see about 60 rigs out there! They would like to work with us more next year. As the rain once again began, all the rigs paraded back through town, back to Tidelands Campground, to check on dinner.

It has been tradition for many years, for the Timber Tamers to host a Steak Dinner at Shore Patrol, and this years was no different. Dinner began as we rolled back into camp, it takes a bit of time to cook up over 100 steaks and ears of corn, but our volunteer chefs did a fantastic job! Any left overs were first given out for a donation, and then became part of the raffle array.

At promptly 7pm, we began the raffle. That took about an hour and a half. We stopped once to sing happy birthday to a young girl. We even raffled off a couple extra cans of Chili! Once the raffle was done, some headed to camps to hit the hay, while others took another night run on the beach!

As most of you know, this was our 50th of doing Operation Shore Patrol! We had at least 8 different clubs from at least 3 regions attend, and lots of folks who were not affiliated with specific clubs. Estimate of 150-200 people out there, and over 60 rigs on the sand picking up trash. The Rainier Ridge Rams cooked up 160 hot dogs and 7 LARGE cans of chili. The Timber Tamers cooked over 110 steaks and ears of corn!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help make this a Fantastic 50th Anniversary OSP!
TT 256

SCENARIO: You and your buddy are out wheeling and both rigs are now unable to move under their own power. Both engines run fine, but no propulsion!
OBJECTIVE: Get both broken rigs from behind the start line, to the finish line, using means other than engine power. All 4 tires of both rigs must be past the finish line.
RULES: All Team Members are encouraged to assist with this recovery, with ideas, decisions, positioning of recovery tools, etc.

  1. Choose two rigs from your group and line them up side-by-side behind the start line.
  2. Air down all 4 tires to 8 PSI. (Compressors will be available to air up, should you not have one).
  3. You may use any items currently in the selected 4×4 rigs RIGHT NOW. No, you can’t go back to camp to get things!
  4. You may use any additional items in the “Extras” area, if you choose.
  5. Driver must be in the driver’s seat and behind the wheel.
  6. Vehicle must be in neutral at all times.
    First team to get both rigs with all 4 wheels over the finish line wins!


IF you would like to purchase additional 50 year Operation Shore Patrol Badges, here is the link: