Pick Up a Mountain – 9/16/2023

I’m not sure anyone else is writing this up, so I thought I’d throw something out there…

Pick Up a Mountain last weekend was a blast. Tamers in attendance included Tammy and I, Jeremy and Noni, Rudi and Melissa, John, Antoine, Michael, Eric, Nate, Joe, Terry and Pam. Also in attendance were candidates David and Patty plus Ethan and Tom from NWD Off-road and Performance. Quite the group!

Event started by everyone setting up camp near each other at Jim Sprick Park then hanging out at the campfire (propane) for a Friday evening Chat (yes, I’m leaving out the details including Jeremy’s long and detailed analysis of soft shackles, and how their relative stiffness and girth affect things).

Saturday, we headed out through Nile and up 1600 towards WA697 (Clover Springs trail). We spent 2-3 hours leapfrogging each other up 1600 picking up trash which was mostly cans/bottles etc. as expected but also included a couple tires (one semi-tire) and a toilet… smashed but still attached to the floorboard it was on! Thankfully we had two Gladiator with us that we could fill with the larger items and trash bags… and fill them we did!

After a quick stop for lunch at the actual trail head we proceeded to look for trash on the trail, which was far cleaner than 1600 was. Most of us had never done the trail before and it was a fun trail, nothing too crazy other than one steep, loose descent, and another steep, loose ascent towards the end of the trail. I also ended up in the lead, which meant I got the fun job of cutting down tree’s and branches blocking the trail about 8 times with my hand saw, whee! It was just generally a fun day with friends while cleaning up.

Back at camp that night we did the obligatory dinner and raffle, then hung by the fire again for general revelry, this time joined by Ed and Katie. Sunday morning, we all woke up, some of us had the pancake breakfast, then we headed home concluding a fun and productive cleanup weekend!

Dave F.