Liberty June 2019

It had been about 19 months since the family and I were able to get away on a weekend camping trip. It was my fault really since I wanted to build the Jeep, but with that mostly done it was time to reap some of the rewards of that effort. So it was that Melissa, Alex, Cassidy and I left about 9am Friday for Liberty and the Williams Creek campground in an effort to secure a good camp site for the weekend, but it was not soon enough because when we got there we found just one spot that would work for all of the people we knew were on the way. We made the best of it and because we had great campground neighbors it all worked out in the end.

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Labor Day Weekend Sep 2017

Melissa, Cassidy, Aly (Cassidy’s friend), and I arrived in the afternoon to find that most of the campground was already claimed, or at least all of the spots with any kind of shade. Guess that should be expected given there was a forest fire not too far away that had closed a number of other campgrounds. We opted for one of the only spots left right by the creek where we could dip our toes in the water to cool off should the need arise. Continue reading “Labor Day Weekend Sep 2017”

Liberty Fathers Day June 2017

From all accounts of everyone present if you did not make the father’s day run then you missed a great run. Being that the usual haunt was not going to work this year the Tamers decided to head over to Liberty for the weekend run. Cassidy and I left Friday morning and 4:45am to make sure we were early enough to secure a camp site for the Tamers that were going to spend the weekend. We arrived at 6:45am to find that there was just one site left which we promptly setup camp in and then went to breakfast at the little caf√© down the highway a few miles. Once fed it was off to get a load of wood for that evening and then a cruise around the forest service roads looking for geocaches. Continue reading “Liberty Fathers Day June 2017”

Liberty Aug 2016

Unfortunatly I was not going to be able to lead the Labor Day Weekend run to Liberty so in lue of that I offered to lead the run on 8/20 and have it be at Liberty. Since there was nothing else planned for that run on the calendar it all worked out. The Family and I took the day off from work Friday and headed over early in order to get a camping spot since we wanted to relax a bit and this seemed like a great chance to do so. Continue reading “Liberty Aug 2016”

Liberty June 2014

I have spent a lot of time at Liberty over the years and like to go there every chance I get. The wheeling is not super difficult but the trails are long and there are a few challenges. The vistas are always great and when the weather is just warm, like it was for this trip. It is really great to sit around the camp fire in the evening with friends and talk enjoying the night. Here are a few pictures which were contributed from multiple sources. Thank you all for coming and hope to see you on the next run. Continue reading “Liberty June 2014”

Team Trophy Challenge Washington Oct 2008

Team Trophy Challenge Washington (TTCW) is based on a similar event held in Oregon and in which several of the club members has previously participated. This event challenges participants to navigate a course using a tulip map and then along the way perform several tasks. In another stage of the competition the participants are challenged to navigate a course and find markers in specific locations which are hidden. It is a tough competition but everyone has a lot of fun participating and the Tamers have a lot of fun volunteering to help put the event on.

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Liberty Memorial Day Weekend May 2002

Hi All
By now you all probably know that We had a bad roll over at Liberty on Sunday. As always roll overs are not a good thing . Tom James was being watched over on our Sunday run on the 332 trail . Those that have been there know that there is one mean ass hill on it. So here is the way it went down. I was leading the run. We had in order: Me (Dan Ostler) Tom James and his copilot Colin .I don’t know his last name. Colin is the son of a good friend of Toms. Todd Daman, Scott Hanline and Rock Bybee.

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