Liberty Labor Day Weekend Sep 2011

It was a great weekend at Liberty. We took and extra day and showed up Thursday morning which turned out to be a great move since we were able to get the big fire pit in the first meadow. Melissa, Alex, Cassidy, and I spent some time relaxing but did take a break to get firewood which we put to good use in the evening. Resting in bed that night I drifted off to sleep listening to the Elk bugling on the hill above the camp. Rock and Jeannie rolled into camp around Noon and after setting things we went on an afternoon drive through some of the more less traveled areas. There was not much wheeling involved but we get to see some of the sites from a different perspective than we usually see them. On the way back we did pick up a bit more wood for another camp fire later in the evening and then did our best to burn it all up. Dan and Julie arrived later that night to join the fun. On Saturday we had to get up early so that we would be ready to go when the rest of the Tamers arrived for the day run. Predictably we left late from camp but we were able to get a good long run in despite the fact of leaving late. People attending were: Ted, Dan, Terry, Mike J, Curt, Rachel, Rachel’s Mom, Rock, Jeannie, Rudi, Melissa, Alex, and Cassidy. We ran up the 4W319 all the way to the top of Table mountain and then went down 4W316 and came back up 4W315. It was on 4W315 in the tight and twisting section among all the trees where Ted discovered that a rig with a long wheel base can be a disadvantage sometimes. He left a little paint on the landscape, but kept his windows. After 4W315 it was running late so after a quick run to Lion Rock we ran back down the FS roads to Liberty and then camp. Sunday turned out to be a really fun run day also even if it was only Rock, Jeannie, Melissa, Alex, Cassidy, and I. We went across the highway to hit the Tank Track Trail, then run up the hill to read top for lunch. One the way back we decided to take a bit of an adventure and run a marked trail that neither one of use had been on before. It turned out to be a very fun trail and we all look forward to running the trail again in the future. Sad to say though that Rocks power steering started having issues not long after we got off the trail so we decided to call it a day and head for camp. Another evening with a campfire and friends. You can not beat that for the ending of a good day. Come Monday with Rocks rig down, the promise of horrible traffic in the afternoon, and no one else to wheel with. We all decided to leave early for home and avoid all the headaches. To be honest I was happy to end the weekend on a good note.