Doe Run on the Naches Trail Jul 2010

Doe Run 2010 – An Historical Journey
So – was that historical, or hysterical? Well – there was some hysteria reported – but first – a little history lesson. What is so incredibly cool about heading up over the Naches Trail for the Doe Run – is that in some ways, we commemorate some people who apparently were made of much stronger stuff than even we are. It was 1853 – even before the Civil War – that settlers were pushing their way out east to west – to find a place to call home. Continue reading “Doe Run on the Naches Trail Jul 2010”

Red Eye Nov 2009

The run started out around 9:30 Friday night from the Safeway in Enumclaw with 3 rigs:

Doug in his YJ
Steve & Mike in Steve’s Suzuki Samurai
Scrambler Mike his brother Dave in the CJ8 (aka ‘the bus’)

We headed up 410 it began snowing as soon at the first sign of elevation change…turned off onto the 70 road where Steve unloaded his Sammi a few miles up. There was already a slight dusting of snow on the ground there. Continue reading “Red Eye Nov 2009”

Red Eye Nov 2005

After that temp repair was done, I went back into my rig and started driving along. I hit a patch of ice, and slid sideways off the trail. I had two down trees behind my rear tailgate, and one stump in front of my front diff. I stepped out and took a look at my situation, and put a plan together. I then CB’d ahead, to let others know that I was going to be delayed. I felt really bad about this, as I didn’t want to hold people up like I did last year.

Continue reading “Red Eye Nov 2005”

Doe Run Jul 2004

Doe Run or The Running of the Does ……..

I couldn’t tell you about the start of the Doe run, as I wasn’t there. I was home doing a few other Tamer related repairs to Moosenstein – trying to make the passenger compartment a little more livable on what likely was the hottest day of the year thus far. These activities included closing up the temperature door in the heater, opening the vent (none of which could be accomplished via the now long rusted and useless control cables still attached to the slide knobs on the dash.) That plus going from a 195 to a 160 degree thermostat promised to make this a more temperate trip than the previous weekend. While I think Jeepster Commando Moosenstein is a much better trail rig than the CJ 5 Moose that preceded it, there is still a lot to be said for no doors and a folded down windshield. I do miss them, sorely. Continue reading “Doe Run Jul 2004”

Doh Run Jul 2004

The “DOH”! run was initially suggested by Tom (moose) James (and helped to be named by Rick) as a pre-Doe run. Patrice and I met up with the group at the Highway 410 café in Buckley at about 9:30am. It was a beautiful 70+ degree morning and promising to get warmer as the day went on. Tom and Eileen had gone to Mike Robinson’s place to drop off Tom’s truck and trailer. Upon their return we made our way to Greenwater / Forest service road 70 and on up to the trail head. Continue reading “Doh Run Jul 2004”