Doe Run Jul 2012

Each year the Tamers hold what is called a Doe Run. On this run all of the drivers are supposed to be female for the weekend. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it does not. This year the Tamers met on Saturday at 9am at the Enumclaw Safeway. Given that we are talking about the Tamers it really turned out to be 10am before everyone was able to get there and be ready to go. No worries because this was supposed to be a relaxing fun run and we did not have a schedule. We headed up the HWY for the 70 road and the Naches Trail with the intention of staying the night in the cabin at the meadows. When we got there a few hours later we found that the cabin was already occupied so we kept going on down the trail. Good thing we did as Jamie, Katie, and the boys were camped and waiting for us just off the end of the trail. With wood for a fire ready to go and a nice camp spot staked out no one was turning down there offer of hospitality and sharing the camp site. After a good dinner around a fire with friends it was time to turn in for the night and enjoy piece and quit of the woods. Well eventually since the guys up the road had a very load stereo, but they eventually turned it off and all was well. No one was up and moving very early so it was about 10am before we broke camp and headed back over the trail for where we started. Jamie, Katie, and the boys tagged along until the cabin where we all stopped for lunch and to explore a bit before we split up and headed our separate ways. Rolling along in the sunshine at the speed of Mary & Moose we have a great drive back to Enumclaw for an end to the weekend.