Walker Work Party Mar 2009

Well, it is Saturday and time for another work party at Walker Valley to help fill out the grants for the park. I was able to get to the main parking area on time with out rushing and that turned out to be a good thing as the trooper’s were out and about. Funny thing when I got there was that there was no one there, not a single person or rig. It did not take long before John and another guy showed up though and we BS’d until Elyse, Byorn, Ann, Josh, Mike (guest), Gary, and Mark all got there. After making a quick call to confirm that we had everyone we headed up to the top of the upper main line to work on a water bar.

Someone must have flipped a switch when we left the main lot since it immediatly started to rain a bit. Elyse mentioned over the radio that the snow level was supposed to be down to 1500 feet. Well some one forgot to tell the weather becuase at about 700 feet it started to snow. So we get to the trail and start getting supplies organized for transport down to the work site. We were going to use the little trail dump cart but it was not to be as it started to thorugh a track about half way down the hill. It was up to the Jeeps after that to bring the rest of the supplies down. It took more trips to get it done but it got done and we were able get everything transported. Then came the construction of the water bar with water running down the trail and right through where we had to put the water bar. Well it took a while but we were able to make it happen and there is now a new water bar on the upper main line to help control trail errosion.

Thank you everyone that was able to make it out and help today. It was wet, it snowed, and it was not the best of conditions. We got it all done anyway and our efforts will be put on the books to help with the M&O grant.

Until next time Rudi