Walker Valley Dec 2014

As always, a great day to go wheelin’!  We met at the south lot of Walker Valley, Gary and I, Jerry Marsh and Phil, Josh Wilcox, candidate Ron Mader, Mark McLaughlin and FIL, Trish and Tammy King, Erich Tibbitts and Sean Wolk in the Wonder Bread Samurai!  While waiting for Trish and Tammy to pull in with our breakfast, there was a lost looking gentleman with a friend and a bunch of kids.  Since he seemed to be studying the map on the board, I offered him a map, and asked if he’d like to join us.  He and his crew thanked us, and tagged along.  Educated him a bit about the Timer Tamers and gave him a card to check out the club.  They were in a silver jeep. Continue reading “Walker Valley Dec 2014”

Generic Trail Report

Since I will be unable to make it to the Tree Run – I do want to do my part to support the trail boss by making writing the run report far easier.  So – in a 2001 Traction Action (Tamers News Letter) I ran across this generic trail report form. Feel free to go on the run, then just check off everything that applies…….
(Just doing my part for my fellow Tamers – Moose) Continue reading “Generic Trail Report”

NW Harvest Donation and Christmas Tree Run Dec 2014

So the first weekend of each December the Timber Tamers get together for a Christmas Tree run where some members who have obtained permits from the US Forest Service will harvest a Christmas Tree. However before we do this there is the delivery of the Annual Club Donation to the NW Harvest Food Drive hosted by a Local broadcast station. Continue reading “NW Harvest Donation and Christmas Tree Run Dec 2014”

Elbe Nov 2014

Vengeance on Elbe 11/29/14

With snow in the forecast, we knew our trip down to Elbe was destined to be eventful. I have been wanting vengeance on the Busy wild, since last year’s Tamers run: Moose’s door jammed in a mud wall, Moose’s front shackle mount being ripped of the frame, me ripping off three tires at one time, and Moose flopping, following some sheet metal massage. Unknowingly, we would be on a tamer run before getting to the trail. Kurtis and I met up with Dave and his buddy Tom, in Dave’s red YJ. Casey and Gary were ready for some fun in Elbe with the infamous Green Toyota and Gary’s Zuk. With snow on the roads our pace heading south was pretty slow. Gary’s 2wd Dodge was giving him a little white knuckle towing. Continue reading “Elbe Nov 2014”

Tamers Run To Macy’s! (Parade Confidential….) Nov 2014

Yes – there is no experience like getting up early on a Black Friday to quick run downtown and hit a sale – I think in this case selling your soul to the Macy’s Holiday Parade to make a few bucks for a good cause.  (Since our participation will help to fund next fall’s Northwest Off Road Expo event.) Continue reading “Tamers Run To Macy’s! (Parade Confidential….) Nov 2014”

Moab (Day 2&3) Sep\Oct 2014

Moab Day 2 – Let’s Go Wheelin’!

Actually – before we get all the way to day 2 – I want to revisit the end of day 1.  I had forgotten that we took a little side trip to the north of the Dewey Bridge to an abandoned cave home.  You see – there are folks who have made homes out of a hole in the ground – some successfully – others not so much. Continue reading “Moab (Day 2&3) Sep\Oct 2014”

Moab (Day 1) Sep\Oct 2014

MOAB 2014 – The Trails

The disclaimer –

It is not only the trails you do in Moab, but who you do them with that make them memorable.  There are some quite popular trails here that we didn’t do this year.  Some I’ve never done. Helldorado in area BFE was run after I had to head for home in 2004, and beyond Auto M’s equipment in 2008 – although I did walk the trail in 30 minutes.  The same trail took 3 or 4 hours for the big dogs to drive, but it sure was fun to watch. Continue reading “Moab (Day 1) Sep\Oct 2014”

Operation Shore Patrol Sep 2014

Operation Shore Patrol – The Triumphant Return….

There are Shore Patrols that stand out in memory.  Some for negative reasons (like “That was the crappiest, rainiest, coldest” or “I can’t believe how poorly my rig ran”) or like this one – for the best of reasons.  Because this was a good group of Tamers at the right time and place on one of the nicest coastal days of recent memory. Continue reading “Operation Shore Patrol Sep 2014”

Evans Creek Aug 2014

Timer Tamers Evans Creek Report 8-30-2014

I am not good at typing or writing so please bear with me and hope this is not too long.

We started off by meeting at the 410 café in Buckley, more precisely a parking lot, across the highway from where the café used to be which is now a Mexican restaurant.
Rudy was first on the scene, with the next group pulling in one parking lot before where Rudy was parked. Continue reading “Evans Creek Aug 2014”

PNW4WDA Region 1 Picnic Aug 2014

You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for a picnic at the Thomas Farm up in Snohomish – with the not too hot sunshine and the attendees willing to have a little fun.  Bad Dan, staffing the “gate” showed his true Region 1 treasurer stuff by sitting at the entry taking the contribution and handing out the wrist bands.  Also barking the request, “You see someone without a wrist band – have ‘em come back over and fork it out.”  Ah Dan – a man of few, pithy and direct words.  But being that some of the proceeds go to the Oso Landslide victims showed his heart was in the right place. Continue reading “PNW4WDA Region 1 Picnic Aug 2014”

Liberty June 2014

I have spent a lot of time at Liberty over the years and like to go there every chance I get. The wheeling is not super difficult but the trails are long and there are a few challenges. The vistas are always great and when the weather is just warm, like it was for this trip. It is really great to sit around the camp fire in the evening with friends and talk enjoying the night. Here are a few pictures which were contributed from multiple sources. Thank you all for coming and hope to see you on the next run. Continue reading “Liberty June 2014”