Reiter Apr 2014

Had a great day at Reiter today! Moose, Karl, Gary D. Miller and I. NO CARNAGE! OK, maybe dislocated one turn signal.Moose, riding shotgun in Miss Creant, suggested, i followed Karl over a bonus rock section, right tire on a large stump, left tire, fell into a huge hole, and came so close to flopping. Moose says at least 3 feet off the ground. I think Gary had to clean his skiveys out. Got outta that predicament, only to find my left front firmly stuck in a tree, and right rear, stuck on the same stump. a little tug to pivot me off the tree, and i was on my way. Then, a Toyota tried the same thing, going the other way, ended up in the same Stump/hole section and did the slowest roll over every. We watched it…oh, oh, going over…oh, maybe not….oh, yep going over. Karl Quickly righted them, and the almost did the same thing 2 more times…..