Reiter Rock Crawl Jul 2018

Yep – here’s one bleary-eyed back story of the volunteer life on the soon to be even more infamous Reiter Rock Crawl – the Timber Tamer crown jewel of organized motorized mayhem at Reiter Tails.

For me and Auto-M – even for early risers – the 4 AM alarm was alarmingly unwelcome.  It was still dark for heaven’s sake!  The bed had just reached maximum comfiness (my brain was reminding me.)  It tried to lull into the posture of just 1 snooze alarm.  It wouldn’t make any difference, would it?  Except – I knew that siren song would lead to tragedy.  At the least – not getting the coffee turned on in time.  Or – just showing up late altogether.  And we couldn’t let Casey down – as given her usual sleep schedule – our pain was miniscule compared to hers.

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Reiter Recovery July 2017

Karl brought the idea of a Rock Crawl Event at Reiter to the club and asked if the club was interested in sponsoring the event. The club being the club that it is said sure we can do that and thus began the 4 months of planning and preparation to make it happen. To be fair Karl to most of the work and a couple of the Tamers and Tamer friends helped when asked but most of the Tamers just showed up on the day of the event and did what needed to be done to make it happen. From all reports received the event was liked and there are already questions about when we are going to do another. No answer to that yet. Continue reading “Reiter Recovery July 2017”

Retier Rock Crawl Competition July 2017

A few months ago Karl came to a club meeting and suggested the idea of a Rock Crawling Competition at Reiter in order to help get the work out about the great work which the team building the trails has been doing. The fact that it would be fun also kind of factored into it I would have to guess. In any event the Tamers said they sponsor and help to put on the event along with a few members from the 4wd community. Karl headed up the organization and did most of the heavy lifting to make this event possible so thank you Karl. The hope is that we can do this again next year conditions permitting. For now here are a few pictures from the days events. Continue reading “Retier Rock Crawl Competition July 2017”

Reiter Mar 2016

The Reiter Run started early for Janessa and I. We pre-gamed everything and put the wheeler on the trailer on Friday to make it easier Saturday morning. Still up and adam long before the buttcrack of dawn we were on the road by 6:30AM. We arrived in much better time than expected so we hung out and waited for Scotty to open the gate while I played a wheelin’ game on my phone (no surprise I’m sure). Continue reading “Reiter Mar 2016”

Fun Day at Reiter Trails with the North West Wheelers Jun 2007

The day started early with me waking up to fix my Jeep. I had suffered massive failure of my rear upper control arm mounts on the frame. Thus ensuing an all night work session at Tommybilt Fab getting the mounts replaced (Thanks Tom!!!!). Anywho, I arrived in the parking area at about 10am. Cody was there with some brake issues on his TLC. We bled the brakes and got him a little pedal. But it still wasn’t up to snuff. Continue reading “Fun Day at Reiter Trails with the North West Wheelers Jun 2007”

Reiter Feb 2004

Back To The Basics…..

In any repeatable endeavor involving human activity, or even more to the point, in human nature, any action tends to generate its own set of rules. As humans, right or wrong, good or bad, we tend to do the same stuff the same way all the time. Things that work out form the basic rules. Things that don’t work out are what happen when you ignore the basic rules. The Sunday club run to Reiter Trails was a good reminder of what the rules are, and what can happen when you ignore them. Continue reading “Reiter Feb 2004”