Reiter Recovery July 2017

Karl brought the idea of a Rock Crawl Event at Reiter to the club and asked if the club was interested in sponsoring the event. The club being the club that it is said sure we can do that and thus began the 4 months of planning and preparation to make it happen. To be fair Karl to most of the work and a couple of the Tamers and Tamer friends helped when asked but most of the Tamers just showed up on the day of the event and did what needed to be done to make it happen. From all reports received the event was liked and there are already questions about when we are going to do another. No answer to that yet.

After the event was over there were a few people that stuck around to run a few of the trails since they drove for a couple of hours to be there and participate. No sense in going home when there was still daylight and the gate was open. In any event later that evening I received and email asking if someone could go out on Sunday and help with a recovery. It seems that one of the people that stuck around to play broke in a bad spot and had to leave there rig there overnight when the gate was locked. So it was that Brian had a sleepless night worrying about his rig on the side of the hill. Curt and I responded to the email and let Brian know that we would be there to help in any way we could the next morning.

So it was that bright and early on Sunday I picked up the Ready welder from Tom’s and drover out to Reiter to assist how I could. Turned out that was mostly by bringing the welder and a few tools. There was also a fair bit of supervision done but that was more in the form of stand back and watch other people work since there is no room to get in there.

In any event I am happy to say that the rig was left alone overnight and after about 4 hours it was repaired enough that it could be driven off the trail. The ready welder turned out to be the saving grace in that the link which failed was bent back and braced enough to make it functional again and this saved a lot of time. The ram was replaced with a borrowed one so that steering was restored and everything else that was broken was left for the garage.

When off the trail it was lunch time and Curt lead Brian and his crew to Bubbas for a burger while I returned to borrowed Ready Welder to Tom’s. A happy ending to what have could of been way worse.