Reiter June 2017

On Saturday I met up with Shawn Nelson, grandson and TJ on 35s as well as Brian Sargent, son and stretched TJ on 40s to go run a couple trails at Reiter and try out my new Duratracs.

After airing down and watching Brian’s son burn up most of a tank of gas in his mini quad we started out heading to the G1 beginner trail to stretch our legs, working our way through that without issue (except for a large stump) we proceeded onto one of the new trails that is open on weekends. There were another of optional obstacles on this route, Brian taking all of them, Shawn taking some of them and I took a few of them we made it through and headed to the staging area for lunch.

After lunch we headed back out onto the G8 trail for a little more of a challenge. Brian had some fun on the rock pile, and I learned the exact sound my rock sliders make squeezing through it. Moving along we came to another obstacle with stump that was just too much for me to get past on my 33s and open diffs so I pulled cable for the second time of the day. We finished up that trail and talked for a few about where to go next and decided to give the G9 a try.

Both Shawn and Brian cleared the gatekeeper without too much fuss, but my transfer case decided that this was the time to announce just how low it was. With some creative rock stacking and a whole lot of scraped skid plates I made it over. We proceeded down the trail, Brian taking all the obstacles again, Shawn a few and me not so much until we reached the ball pit.

Discovering that a rock Shawn and the work crews had gotten out of the way was back in the way we decided to winch it over a bit to that we could continue.  A combination of my wonderfully sticky duratracs, lower gears and planting my driver tires on the edge of the trail allowed me to clear 80% of the ball pit with only minimal gas tank clearance before becoming well and truly stuck. Pulling cable again we managed to get my jeep off and get Shawn through the same route I took.

We proceeded along again, stopping only to confirm that Shawn had in fact broken another shock mount until we started going back up the hill towards the end and squeezing between a couple trees left me high centered on a rather large boulder. Pulling cable yet again freed me enough to get some rocks stacked under my tires and free of the boulder field, leaving us a few dozen yards away from the end.

Brian, being on 40s, continued ahead to clear space for Shawn and I to negotiate the last section of trail, which we managed with only squeaks bangs and scraped up skids.

Chris Brown
TT 293