Reiter Work Party Aug 2008

In order to address concerns brought forth by the Reiter Foothills Committee the DNR sponsored a work party on Aug 23. In attendance were a few Tamers, members of RTW, and a few DNR staff. Doug Sutherland also made an appearance and thanked those present for there work and support of the project. The DNR was able to get a mini excavator for the day along with additional supplies and tools. A couple of silt fences were installed in strategic locations in order to keep Deer Creek running strong and clear. A couple of the water holes were also drained to help with run off and try and keep people on the trail. This will help to reduce soil compaction in and around the trees as well as control run off from the area. Finally there were a lot of signs and fencing put up to help reestablish the trail so that users would understand where they can and can not travel. There will be more work to come in this location as there are still additional items of concern for the DNR.

Thank you to everyone that could attend on short notice!