Elbe Work Party Apr 2008

A little more than a year ago the Tamers adopted a trail at the Elbe Hills ORV Area, and we have re-upped that commitment for 2008. As such we need to run the adopted trail every two months looking for needed reapirs and address the issue we find. This month the goal was to finish up the repairs to the rub rails on the second bridge. We all agreed to meet at 9:00 AM in the parking area so that we could be sure to get all the work done in time and then go play a little. Well it was not to be as aside from Tom, Karl, and Mike who stayed the night before, the rest of us were caught in a 3 hour back up on Highwy 7 due to an accident. It was not a bad day to be stuck on the road however as Amy, Terry, Mark, Gary, Mike, Tristan, and I were all able to enjoy the clear day with lots of sun. I knew it was going to be a good day so I ditched the top before I left home and I was never sorry as the day turned out to be beutiful. In any event after the accident and investigation was done we were all able to get on the trail so finish the rub rails. There were a couple of holes to fill in also as well as bypasses to block off. I am happy to report that but by the end of the day the work was all done and the trail is in decent condition. So after we got the work done a couple of use headed for home and a couple stuck around to play some more. I really wanted to stay but I had a commitment to get home and did not want to get in trouble. Honestly I am not said that I had to leave as when I got down to the highway I discovered that it was 80 degrees and bright sunshine. So with the top off and my radio blasting my favorite tunes I headed for home enjoying the drive all the way. There is nothing like a warm Spring day.

Until next time,