Elbe Oct 2015

The weather was pretty decent as Tamers began to group, first at the Miller home, then in Eatonville, then at Elbe trail head.  We had 8 rigs today, Gary and his Zuk, Casey and the Yota, Tammy Chirstopherson riding shotgun with Randy Karg in a Yota, Rudy (not sure of last name) riding shotgun with Steven Armentrout in the Zebra Jeep, Heather Allemang in her Jeep, Mark McLaughlin in his Jeep, with Jason riding shotgun, a Friend of Gary and Casey, Jason Scott and co-pilot in his Yota, and Steve Yeager…..in his  ‘lil Side Kick….aks Tinker Toy! Continue reading “Elbe Oct 2015”

Elbe Nov 2014

Vengeance on Elbe 11/29/14

With snow in the forecast, we knew our trip down to Elbe was destined to be eventful. I have been wanting vengeance on the Busy wild, since last year’s Tamers run: Moose’s door jammed in a mud wall, Moose’s front shackle mount being ripped of the frame, me ripping off three tires at one time, and Moose flopping, following some sheet metal massage. Unknowingly, we would be on a tamer run before getting to the trail. Kurtis and I met up with Dave and his buddy Tom, in Dave’s red YJ. Casey and Gary were ready for some fun in Elbe with the infamous Green Toyota and Gary’s Zuk. With snow on the roads our pace heading south was pretty slow. Gary’s 2wd Dodge was giving him a little white knuckle towing. Continue reading “Elbe Nov 2014”

Father’s Day at Elbe Jun 2013

Father’s Day at Elbe – 2013

Tahuya might allow you to put your rig into 4 wheel drive.  And Walker can be a day of off-roading.   But Elbe always delivers on the promise of full blown, down and dirty, locked and rocked, in-and-out-of-body, world class, bring and use all the tricks you know, double dog dare ya WHEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will tell you – it was an Elbe type of day, and not a better Father’s Day could be wished for than the one we had. Continue reading “Father’s Day at Elbe Jun 2013”

Elbe Work Party Apr 2010

Dateline – ELBE
The Most recent Elbe Work Party – by the numbers.
Thousands – of rocks used to fill problem trail areas
13 – Timber Tamers in attendance
6 (or so) – different areas that received our attention
3 – flat trailer tires thanks to the very sharp rocks on the 92 road that penetrated them
2 – loaders loading 2 trucks so we didn’t have to haul rock by hand
1 – really swell day in the woods with the Tamers. Continue reading “Elbe Work Party Apr 2010”

Elbe Work Party Nov 2009

Time for some more work on the adopted Sunrise Trail at the Elbe ORV park. Mike, Claire, Amy, Terry, Mark, Greg, Shaun, and myself (Rudi) were all on hand to effect some repairs were needed and assess the over all health of the trail. There was a little snow on the ground which had fallen during the week but it was fast melting and was not really a concern. Once we were all assembled everyone except for Mark and I ran up the trail to check it out. Mark and I ran up the road with my Jeep and trailer as we knew there was going to be some work to do in the rock section. Continue reading “Elbe Work Party Nov 2009”

Elbe Run Apr 2009

Where do I start on such a fantastic weekend as this? Oh, I know… we can start with me leaving the Navy base as I had duty on Friday. No biggie as I had brought my jeep and camping gear to work with me so I was ready to go on Saturday morning. It was rather funny towing the jeep on base. The gate guard asked me “is that yours”? Nope, I replied, It’s just following me. He was probably asking questions because I let the base decals expire on the jeep as I don’t daily drive it anymore. Continue reading “Elbe Run Apr 2009”

10th Annual Fathers Day Run To Elbe Jun 2007

All and all I would have to say that it was a fun day (maniacal laugh here) and I would not have missed it for just about anything. I was able to make it to Elbe a little after 9 Saturday to find that a few of the Tamers had spent the night but by the time that we headed out for the trail a couple more Tamers and candidates were present. Continue reading “10th Annual Fathers Day Run To Elbe Jun 2007”

Elbe Rescue Feb 2007

The longest rescue mission in the history of me.
(A lesson Learned)

On Monday, the 19th of February, I woke up and checked the mass of online forums as I usually do. Being presidents day, I had the day off and was looking forward to relaxing as I had been wheeling at Reiter Trails the previous 3 days. Well, I checked the good old Northwest Wheelers board and saw that some folks needed a rescue out at the Elbe Hills ORV area on the Busy Wild of all trails. Continue reading “Elbe Rescue Feb 2007”

Fathers Day Jun 2005

Going to Elbe for the Father’s Day weekend (as we have for about 8 years now) is like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. Of course – this would be a friend who delights in giving you a noogie! Because while this is just about as fun as wheeling can get, it is rare a visit to Elbe doesn’t leave you a few reminders of your trip to bring home with you. Continue reading “Fathers Day Jun 2005”

Fathers Day Elbe Jun 2004

Fathers Day @ Elbe (#7) … Another Memorable Father’s Day at Elbe……

Well – a Father’s Day without Elbe, would be kinda like – well – a Fear Factor bimbo participant without silicone. The two just go together! I’ve lost count – this was at least the 6th Father’s Day running of Elbe – or maybe even more than that. Elbe is still a trail system that is more demanding than most – but a number of key things have changed that really alter some of the more memorable parts of Elbe. Continue reading “Fathers Day Elbe Jun 2004”