Elbe Work Party Nov 2009

Time for some more work on the adopted Sunrise Trail at the Elbe ORV park. Mike, Claire, Amy, Terry, Mark, Greg, Shaun, and myself (Rudi) were all on hand to effect some repairs were needed and assess the over all health of the trail. There was a little snow on the ground which had fallen during the week but it was fast melting and was not really a concern. Once we were all assembled everyone except for Mark and I ran up the trail to check it out. Mark and I ran up the road with my Jeep and trailer as we knew there was going to be some work to do in the rock section.

We all met at the top of the rock section and from what the others said the trail was in pretty good condition except for the rock section. There was a new bypass started because the rocks were getting to hard for some of the less well equipped vehicles. We started getting things organized and started to block off the bypass and haul rock in order to repair the trail so that people did not feel they had to go around. There was also a soft spot developing in the alternate line through the section and I have already talked to Nancy about getting some material to repair that also. Hopefully the material will be there next time we go down to work on the trail.

While we were working on the trail there were several rigs that came through, some of which needed a little help or spotting. Before the day was done we had winched a couple of people, repaired a bent leaking diff cover, jumped a dead battery (due to winching), and staked rocks for a few people to get the through. Once we were done with the trail I do not think that any of the people we helped could not have driven the rock section. I know that we will not be liked for making the trail easy but I am confident that it will not be to long before the rocks are filled in and the spot is slick enough again to offer the challenge that people are looking for.

Until next time,