Gallagher Lake Run

Most of us met at North Bend Safeway and convoyed to Cle Elum where we topped off the tanks and then headed out to the trail. We met up with Alan from Moses Lake at the cabin staging area, he had seen the post on the Tamers Facebook and decided to join in the fun.

There were 8 rigs total, Ryan and I in our JKU, Steve, Jodi and Gracee in their JK, Angie and Pat in her JK, Joe the tail gunner in his trusty TJ, Todd and Krystale in their JK, Candidate Kevin in his Toyota Tacoma, My friend John in his ‘lil Donkey huge JKU, and Alan in his JKU.

At the staging area, Joe was teaching Kevin about airing down and how to set and use his air down tools. Thank you, Joe! Everyone else got aired down and was chatting a bit before we decided to head out onto the trail, about 10:00 am

It was a beautiful and already hot day.  The trail always takes me by surprise when driving to it and today was no exception. Saying to myself “I know the trail is coming up soon and yup I just passed it”. So, there you have it … Our first Tamer turn around. Finally getting on the trail we were off!

The trail this year looked a bit more challenging. More rutted, dug out and fun. There were a few that were stock with us including Kevin’s Toyota, Angie and Pats JK and Steve and Jodi’s JK. Each one of them said the pinstriping and under scrappage was worth it. I remember taking my Jeep up there totally stock and hearing all the noises. Decided then I would lift it! When on the trail I like hearing people build their rigs from the experience that they are having, kinda cool cause I have been in their shoes.

Fun fact from last year when we were up here, we moved a huge tree that was blocking the trail. We saw this tree in all its glory still there peacefully resting on the side of the trail.

There were many overlanding type people camping out along the trails this year. We did pass a few people coming down the trail, but pretty easy going for the most part. Well, I should say easy for those lifted, challenging yet doable for those stock.

We got up to Gallagher Head Lake around noon. The lake was low, which I found to be weird because of having such a wet winter. We parked over in the main area on the backside of the lake.  We had lunch and the bugs had us for lunch.

Part of the group had asked if we were planning on going up to Hawkins Ridge. I wouldn’t mind checking it out, so I asked who wanted to go and most wanted to, so I said let’s go! A few stayed at the bottom. It was pretty rutted out at the start of the trail up. A few tried to get past it but then decided to just wait at the bottom until we came back down. This was probably the hardest part of the trail with big deep ruts and rocks.  The views are still amazing from the top. We all made it up, decided on not staying up there too long cause we had people waiting for us at the bottom. We did however get a poser shot on the big turnout area. Beautiful day!

Made it back down the Hawkins Ridge trail and met up with the rest of the crew and started down the trail. Took the forest road back to the staging area to air up and say our goodbyes. Thank you all that came. Fortune Creek/Gallagher Head Lake/Hawkins Ridge is one of my most favorite places in Washington. I love this run and loved the great time I had with friends. Until next time Tamers!