Tahuya 11/26/2022

Timber Tamers met at the parking lot at 9:00 am. The 10-vehicle lineup included: Dave F and his LJ, Jeremy and Noni in their CJ, John in his JKR, Eric in his new EV, Will and his Dad in the TJ, and Bill in his Toyota Pickup. Guests included Tony driving with Lexi (Noni’s daughter) in her JKR, Dave and Nikki in their JKUR, Jared and his wife Lindsey in their LJ, and Conner, Jared’s son in his Toyota 4Runner. Headed out at about 9:15 with Jeremy and Noni leading.

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WYBDR scratch that WABDR June 2022

Sometimes plans get changed or canceled.  Most of the time we try to work around things.  Two years ago we had to cancel our trip to Colorado.  A trip that Moose and I have been talking about for at least 8 years.  Last year many of our plans changed do to fires.   This year there was not one reason but many that caused us to cancel going to Wyoming and instead stay in Washington state.  For those who may not know South Montana and Parts of Northern Wyoming saw over 10 inches of rain.  This caused major damage to the trail system including the Morrison Jeep trail.  There were also many personal issues that caused several members to change their plans.  I guess that is life. 

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Walker Valley Jun 2022

It was a wet morning for the 6 of us. Me, Doc, Dean, Joe, and Mihai. Chris Steimel would meet up later. After the air down session, E&E paperwork, and a brief drivers meetings away we went. Straight towards Timber Tamers trail. Considering I just replaced balljoints on the XJ i chose not to try the big rock at the beginning. Doc gave it a shot and with a bit of spotting over he went. Good job Doc! Leading thru the rocky area i fought a bit .

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Tahuya May 2022

We met up with everyone at the Safeway in Belfair. Everyone was on time, and we set out for the Elfendalh parking lot at precisely 9:06am. We got to the parking lot and there were still a few places to park and air down. The crew of the day consisted of: Bill in his big bad Yota, Travis in his red Rubicon, Evan in his LJ, Joe in his trusty TJ, Ryan and I in our JKU, our friend John in his “Lil Donkey” JKU and candidate want to be Ben in his 2017 JKU.

Weather said it wasn’t supposed to rain on Saturday……

On the drive over it was raining. I was thinking it was going to be a muddy, sloppy mess. Trails probably filled with water to capacity, but what actually happened was glorious. The skies opened up and beautiful sunshine filled our souls. It was warm!!!

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Whitehorse May 2022

Outside of the little town of Whitehorse there is a very cool looking mountain. in fact it ranks right up there with the Tetons.

On the run was Shawn, Dan and Sarah, Nate Emily and I. Friday after work we headed up to an area outside of town. At about 2700 feet we starting running into snow which is pretty low for this time of year. It was raining which of course meant the snow was junk but we have learned to love Washington state slush. As we aired down it was starting to get dark. I went down to 10 PSI and then later down to 8. You would not think there would be much difference between 8 and 10 PSI but I can assure you that there is.

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Moses Lake Apr 2022

Its quite possible you’ve never even thought about it – but after a few times with the Tamers going “to the dunes” it makes one wonder – “What the heck are sand dunes doing in the middle of the desert in Washington State?”

Well – please indulge me in a little factual non-speculation – from our friends at (no less than) the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of technology:

Moses Lake Dunes
The Moses Lake dune field is covers 40 km2 in the Quincy Basin of central Washington southwest of Moses Lake, making up the largest basaltic aeolian sand accumulation on Earth [Petrone, 1970; Edgett and Lancaster, 1993; Bandfield et al., 2002]. The dunes, which are composed of 55% basaltic lithic fragments with lesser amounts of quartz, are thought to originate as sediment deposited in the basin during the floods that forms the channeled scablands [Petrone, 1970] . East and northeast paleo-winds have reworked sands, from the eastern banks of the Columbia River into the current dune forms, which include transverse, parabolic and barchan dunes. West of the Potholes Reservoir the dunes are wet and vegetated, but on the east side of the reservoir the dunes remain active and advance at approximately 3 m/yr [Petrone, 1970] .

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Tillamook Apr 2022

Jeremy and I had plan set, work half day on Friday and head on out to Browns Camp and get set up, Dave and Tammy (LJ) heading out early to get to their RV Park on the west side and Dan and Sarah (JLU) getting a motel in Hillsboro… unfortunately, life doesn’t go as planned. The CJ motor install wasn’t going as planned and we worked until 4:00, stopped and packed up the WJ (2” puck lift and open/open) and hit a motel in Portland.

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Tonga Mar 2022

Well today’s run went exceptionally well. A couple of us arrived at the chevron earlier than everyone else, but it didn’t take long for rigs to start trickling in topping off thier fuel and parking. 10 rigs in total today ok 11 and a trailer because someone trailered their wheeler.

After a quick drivers meeting we headed to Tonga. Not a ton of traffic, but did find one moron that pulled out in front of the towed rig. Was nice seeing those trailer brakes working great.

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Walker Valley Feb 2022

Had a good turnout with 7 rigs. Me, in Stomper. Bill with his Toyota , Dean Blue 4dr, Dan and Sarah Teal 4dr, Matt black 2dr, Jon and Serena upgraded white 4dr, and Jerry white Zuk. After a brief drivers meeting and getting an idea of Jerrys wheeling experience I made a decision to put Jerry closer up front and chose acceptable trails to hit, Easy Valley connector, Ridge Rams, Rons run, gravel pit, Around the sound, Humps & bumps, a glance thru the skills area, and last, Timber Tamers (depending on time).

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Beckler Dec 2022

We organized our Hangover Run for this year similar to last year—actually a night trail run up Beckler Road on New Year’s Eve instead of doing it as a day run on New Year’s Day. Since last year was a lot of fun, it seemed like doing a repeat would be a great idea! The only downer was that it was discovered after these plans had been made that the FS6530 Road to Johnson Ridge was officially closed by the Forest Service due to repeated dumping of trash as well as “resource damage”. (In other words, some uneducated folks had been driving on and damaging the high alpine meadows. So to protect the delicate meadows, access was closed for the season. This is part of why it can be hard to get and keep “good stuff”, and it’s a big part of why it’s important to educate our fellow 4-wheelers who may not be aware of Tread Lightly principles and acceptable back-country trail ethics.)

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