Whitehorse May 2022

Outside of the little town of Whitehorse there is a very cool looking mountain. in fact it ranks right up there with the Tetons.

On the run was Shawn, Dan and Sarah, Nate Emily and I. Friday after work we headed up to an area outside of town. At about 2700 feet we starting running into snow which is pretty low for this time of year. It was raining which of course meant the snow was junk but we have learned to love Washington state slush. As we aired down it was starting to get dark. I went down to 10 PSI and then later down to 8. You would not think there would be much difference between 8 and 10 PSI but I can assure you that there is.

I drove on for a while and alternated between right foot and crawling. Neither was really working that well for me. I asked if anyone else wanted to lead. We try to rotate that job so that each one of us gets a chance. Dan and Sarah took point with the larger 37 inch tires. I think Dan was doing better and I was having a much better time of it in their tracks. This time of year the snow is very patchy. At one point Dan’s nose dropped and Dan got stuck. Now driving style ranges in the snow from full shenanigans like Shawn were getting stuck is the whole point of driving in the snow. To partial shenanigans like me. Then there is no shenanigans which Dan falls into. So to see Dan stuck is unusual. Dan found his very own snow bridge which collapsed under him. After several yanks Dan and Sarah were free again. Dan then drove the ridge to the left of his newly created whole and we were back on the move. At a Y in the road Dan and I pulled to the side to let Nate take the lead. With wheels almost straight we heard “that snapping” sound, Nate was hardly even on the gas but the front left U joint snapped. All a normal part of wheeling. Shawn took the lead and Dan and I followed. For the most part the drive down was uneventful accept having to pull Shawn out. I am not sure how he got stuck sideways in the road but I am sure shenanigans played a part. At the bottom of the hill Shawn was nice enough to follow Nate home.

All in all a great night with a few friends.

Curt Brady
Actting Vice President