Tahuya May 2022

We met up with everyone at the Safeway in Belfair. Everyone was on time, and we set out for the Elfendalh parking lot at precisely 9:06am. We got to the parking lot and there were still a few places to park and air down. The crew of the day consisted of: Bill in his big bad Yota, Travis in his red Rubicon, Evan in his LJ, Joe in his trusty TJ, Ryan and I in our JKU, our friend John in his “Lil Donkey” JKU and candidate want to be Ben in his 2017 JKU.

Weather said it wasn’t supposed to rain on Saturday……

On the drive over it was raining. I was thinking it was going to be a muddy, sloppy mess. Trails probably filled with water to capacity, but what actually happened was glorious. The skies opened up and beautiful sunshine filled our souls. It was warm!!!

Bill knows this place like the back of his hand, and he had a run in mind that he would like to take us on, so we let Bill be the leader.

We started out taking trail 55. Everyone got through this trail pretty well except the newbie Ben tried to follow Travis over a stump. We checked for damage and didn’t find any so then we followed up with DON’T FOLLOW TRAVIS!!

The next trail we did was 84 – this one is mild as well with some whoopty dos and rock piles. The beefy rigs took to the rocks and did quite well showing off their flexes and such. I felt like paparazzi because I am not that brave to try such extremeness, so I took lots of pictures.

The next trail after that was the West loop. Bill said it best when he called the west trail a “gnarly trail that went through the clear cut with all the water holes and hair pin corners”. In the middle of west loop there is a new rock garden called Sasquatch Bluff and holy heck it was intense!! Bill, Evan and Travis all tried their luck on this, and Bill came out victorious. The other guys tried really hard but, in the end, I believe it was just too dug out at the bottom to get up on those jersey barriers to get going. Good job guys. Bill gave Ryan and I a ride to the top as he kept going up to show everyone how it was done. That Yota kicks bootie!!! I think it gave Ryan some incentive to finish his red Yota and get out there! After we played at Sasquatch bluff for a while, we decided to finish the west loop, which consisted of more puddles and hairpin turns.

After the West loop we moved on to the South loop. I forgot to ask if it is a new trail or a recently upgraded one, but it was pretty good. This is basically a trail filled with tank traps that meander through the hillside and is very steep. Ben being in a stock JKU tried it and drug over pretty much all of them, still with a smile on his face he wanted to keep going. He said he has a wish list started for his Jeep now. In my opinion this is what I did to see what I really wanted to do with my Jeep.

We finished the trail then met up at the service road and chatted a bit and took some group pics before heading back to the parking area to air up. We took trail 84 back then aired up and said our goodbyes. It was a great day full of sunshine and smiles. No one broke anything, and there were no tow fees!!

On the way home though it did start raining… lol but that was fine. We had a great day!!!