Tahuya May 2022

We met up with everyone at the Safeway in Belfair. Everyone was on time, and we set out for the Elfendalh parking lot at precisely 9:06am. We got to the parking lot and there were still a few places to park and air down. The crew of the day consisted of: Bill in his big bad Yota, Travis in his red Rubicon, Evan in his LJ, Joe in his trusty TJ, Ryan and I in our JKU, our friend John in his “Lil Donkey” JKU and candidate want to be Ben in his 2017 JKU.

Weather said it wasn’t supposed to rain on Saturday……

On the drive over it was raining. I was thinking it was going to be a muddy, sloppy mess. Trails probably filled with water to capacity, but what actually happened was glorious. The skies opened up and beautiful sunshine filled our souls. It was warm!!!

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Tahuya Oct 2018

Saturday morning turned out looking more promising for the Timber Tamers monthly trail ride to Tahuya than last year: this year it wasn’t raining!  The weather forecast predicted sunshine and a high of 65F.  (Well, that didn’t happen—high seemed to be upper 50s, and the marine fog didn’t burn off until about 2:30 PM!)  At least the weatherman got the part right about no rain! As it turned out, there hasn’t really been rain in Tahuya since last spring, so the trails were all pretty dry.  If we’d had rain like last year (when it rained ALL. DAY. LONG., the difficulty would have been a lot greater for today’s ride!)
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Tahuya Nov 2015

Big thank you goes out to everyone who came out for a great day of wheeling.

We had a large turn out with over 20 rigs over half of which were female drivers. We also had many new wheelers one of which was just 16.  We split the group up between newer drivers and those who have more experience. Call out to Ashley who despite the fear of god in her eyes tackled the trail like a pro. Continue reading “Tahuya Nov 2015”

Run to Tahuya March 2015

It wasn’t quite planes, trains and automobiles – but it was ferries and four wheel drives.  As Auto-M and I pulled up in her TJ to catch the 7:55 ferry at Edmonds – we already saw Jerry in his TJ and our friends in a Cherokee from Sno Co Crawlers in line.  Along with Michael in his Cherokee – and Rick and Jennifer in theirs a few rigs behind us in line – all poised to cross the water for what appeared would be a stormy day of wheeling in Tahuya. Continue reading “Run to Tahuya March 2015”

Wheelers For The Wounded Jul 2009

To recap Wheelers for the Wounded – our event in Washington State was one of many being held throughout the country – where off-road clubs and organizations are honoring the service of our wounded veterans. The national organizer and founder, Jason Havlik had intended to make it to all events – but had to discontinue his plan due to health problems experienced on the way, and corporate sponsors reneging on their financial commitments – meaning he ran out of funds to continue travelling to all events. Continue reading “Wheelers For The Wounded Jul 2009”

The Timber Tamers Tackle Tahuya Mar 2007

Despite the heavy rains, a small showing of Tamers met up at the QFC parking lot in Belfair right on tamer time. The lovely wife and I in our red TJ, Scott Hanline and his family with their YJ, also Scott’s friends Lloyd, and Jessie with their ranger pickup. GaryTJ and guest Frank with the, GASP, Red TJ met us at the parking area at the trail, (actually they got there first) and we aired down and headed off to the trail. John, and a group from the Quadrapaws took the lead and we slowly followed them through the trails. Continue reading “The Timber Tamers Tackle Tahuya Mar 2007”