Tahuya Nov 2015

Big thank you goes out to everyone who came out for a great day of wheeling.

We had a large turn out with over 20 rigs over half of which were female drivers. We also had many new wheelers one of which was just 16.  We split the group up between newer drivers and those who have more experience. Call out to Ashley who despite the fear of god in her eyes tackled the trail like a pro.
The day was full of learning.¬† Moose demonstrated how to navigate the rock garden.¬† It is ok it is not his rig.¬† Jake had two educational contributions to the run.¬† The first was driving a JK through a rock Garden while flying a drone.¬†¬† The second was how to use a high lift jack to get your Jeep off a big rock in the rock garden because you were flying a drone while driving.¬†¬† (Actually I don’t think it had anything to do with driving and flying at the same time but I like my version.)

Both groups met up at mud lake for lunch where several jeeps rolled through the water.  At least two got some water in the intake but were able to get running again after some wrenching.  A JK also got high centered on a stump I guess while trying to show flex.  Curt grabbed a hand from one of the Yotas and pulled the jeep back over the stump.  Curt collected the tow fee right there and handed it to Moose.

More education and learning came when Dirt Ball and Jamie¬† demonstrated a winch recovery when Curt got his wife’s new Rubicon stuck in a muddy rut.¬†¬† Jamie was way to excited about using her new winch and was hoping that Curt would get stuck again.¬† No luck as Wendy soon took over driving.
Thank you to Moose, Jake, and dirtball for bringing there trail expertise and making sure that everyone was having a safe and fun time.

We did have a little trouble on the way back with navigation but we all made it off the trail.  Lots of smiles in the parking lot as we aired up all the rigs.

Lots of new faces too which was great.

Trail boss Mr. Brady (Beast)