Iron Goat Dec 2015

A few of use had to get away from things and decided to visit Iron Goat in search of some un tracked snow. We found it but conditions were not great so we did not make very many tracks in the fresh stuff. Even on 42″ tires Chad was not able to get on top of the snow and had to fight really hard for each foot of travel. We still managed to have fun which is easy to do when you are with good friends. Continue reading “Iron Goat Dec 2015”

Tahuya Nov 2015

Big thank you goes out to everyone who came out for a great day of wheeling.

We had a large turn out with over 20 rigs over half of which were female drivers. We also had many new wheelers one of which was just 16.  We split the group up between newer drivers and those who have more experience. Call out to Ashley who despite the fear of god in her eyes tackled the trail like a pro. Continue reading “Tahuya Nov 2015”

Elbe Oct 2015

The weather was pretty decent as Tamers began to group, first at the Miller home, then in Eatonville, then at Elbe trail head.  We had 8 rigs today, Gary and his Zuk, Casey and the Yota, Tammy Chirstopherson riding shotgun with Randy Karg in a Yota, Rudy (not sure of last name) riding shotgun with Steven Armentrout in the Zebra Jeep, Heather Allemang in her Jeep, Mark McLaughlin in his Jeep, with Jason riding shotgun, a Friend of Gary and Casey, Jason Scott and co-pilot in his Yota, and Steve Yeager… his  ‘lil Side Kick….aks Tinker Toy! Continue reading “Elbe Oct 2015”

WEROCK Aug 2015

A few of the Tamers made the trek over to Goldendale for the WEROCK Rock Crawling Series event. Some to compete, some to help with the event, and some to just watch. No matter who you were ya had to really want to be there since temps topped out over 100 degrees each day in the shade. Here are a few pictures if you are interested and there are some videos on the Tamers Channel. Continue reading “WEROCK Aug 2015”

Walker Valley April 2015

It was an hour before wheelin’ and all through the lot, rigs were pulling in, and airing down what they brought.  TT Flags were hung, from antennas with care, in hopes that the trails soon would beware.
Hubs were all locked, and Mirrors tucked in, doors and tops were removed, CB’s Channels tuned in!  With the Sun above our heads, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two tiny red heart shaped tail lights, on a lime green Jeep! Continue reading “Walker Valley April 2015”

Run to Tahuya March 2015

It wasn’t quite planes, trains and automobiles – but it was ferries and four wheel drives.  As Auto-M and I pulled up in her TJ to catch the 7:55 ferry at Edmonds – we already saw Jerry in his TJ and our friends in a Cherokee from Sno Co Crawlers in line.  Along with Michael in his Cherokee – and Rick and Jennifer in theirs a few rigs behind us in line – all poised to cross the water for what appeared would be a stormy day of wheeling in Tahuya. Continue reading “Run to Tahuya March 2015”

4WP Show N Shine March 2015

Although the weather didn’t start off very nice, it was a great day at Lynnwood 4 Wheel Parts Show n Shine!  Had over 65 rigs there, more then 100 people, BBQ, RTI Ramp, Obstacle course.  18 Tamers attended the event: Gary and Casey, Evan, Kurt, Heather, Josh, Michael Kelly, Moose, Ron, Phil Jefress, Cindy and Jason, Jake Bradley, Jake Alexander, Dave Wilkinson, Perry Derosa, Trish and Tammy!  Thanks to all who came and helped to make this a great time.  Special thanks to Sno Co Crawlers and Blackout JC for coming out to join us! Continue reading “4WP Show N Shine March 2015”