Walker Valley April 2015

It was an hour before wheelin’ and all through the lot, rigs were pulling in, and airing down what they brought.  TT Flags were hung, from antennas with care, in hopes that the trails soon would beware.
Hubs were all locked, and Mirrors tucked in, doors and tops were removed, CB’s Channels tuned in!  With the Sun above our heads, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two tiny red heart shaped tail lights, on a lime green Jeep!
Now Dasher, now Dancer, No…wait…..With Miss Creant in the lead, and Moosenstein in the rear, the 16 rigs put their shifters in Gear!
At the first Gate keeper, we found 3 yotas not sure where to go, so maps were given, and they fell in with us.  Up the Timber Tamer Trail we go.  Candidate Rod, with the Range Rover and street-ish type tires, made it through the gate keeper, and over all obstacles on the TT trail below….with only 1 unwanted dent, and 1 unwanted scratch and 1 tree stuffed between his frame and tub.
At the top of the trail and top of the Flew, we found 3 little Samurais, and not One was Blue!
As we stopped at the Ridge Ram trail, to play and lunch, many took turns trying not to munch.  As Michael guided this stout group, and Mark play 2001 Odicy as he slid through the poop.  Rock decided it was time to put his rig in 4 wheel drive, so he knew he would get to the top and arrive.
We then split the group between those who wanted to do Ron’s Run and those who didn’t want to do Ron’s Run.  Those who opted not to go up, would stand as anchor for those who did.  The rock garden proved too much for us all.  Gary wedged the Miss Understood, and had to pull rope, Jake Alexander, spent some time stuck in there as well.
A Tamer U Turn was done as the word from the top, is that we will all be stopped!  A Buggy went up, and busted something big, and now his axels were parallel to his rig!
We all met back at the Skills area, to play, as there were past nemesis to slay.  Guest Jeff took his Cherokee up the Butt Crack Rock while others watched.
Most of the group decided to head home at this time, and just 5 rigs were left.  With logging complete, we were off to find the old Mainline and Expressway trail.
HOLY COW, no more BIG ROCK ROAD!  The new logging road goes down where we used to have the rocky hill climb, past the BIG ROCK.  After a few tries, we found the remainder of the Expressway trail.  As we started off the new logging road, onto the trail, it appears we were some of the very first to go there….the Edge of the road was so soft that it was a pants peeing experience for all 5 rigs.
The rest of the trails was just as always, and it was a beautiful treck now the mountain.  We did stop at the lower rock pit, just to gaze and relax after an Awesome day of wheeling!
Back at the Staging, we all Spoke not a word and went straight to our work, we filled all the tires, and turned the hubs back, Turned out our mirrors and secured the racks.
As we drove out of the woods, one Whistle was heard, and the final transmission HAPPY WHEELIN’ TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD RIDE!
OK, it doesn’t all rhyme, and it doesn’t completely follow the story, but you get the drift!  Thanks to all who joined the run, and made it an awesome day!

Casey and Gary TT#256