Tonga Apr 2022

Got Snow?

A few of us decided to get together and do a snow run with the latest round of winter weather dropping snow in the mountains.

We all hooked up at the Sultan Chevron at 9am, and with 5 rigs we headed up to explore an area none of us had been up before.

As we got to the end of the dirt where it witched to snow on the road, we aired down and got into some 4 wheel drive snow action. The snow got deep pretty fast and we took turns breaking trail and doing our best to not get stuck. We had a few tow fees and once at the highest point we had to use our winches to get a couple guys unstuck and turned around.

It was a great day with LOTS of snow falling a few times, and even at one point almost a white out blizzardy conditions.

I think everybody had a great time it was really a great snow run and no one got hurt or had any damage to vehicles. It was a very good day.

Thank to everyone who participated and thank you all for reading.

Gary M